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Monday, 27 March 2017

Bolt Round the Holt (Free Gallery) and the Cranleigh 15-21 - 2017 are now live and online

All start of the Cranleigh 15-21 with clear signs of spring blossom
At last - some perfect weather for running in (and working in). With the Trees blocking a lot of the wind - Saturdays race was more challenging because of the hills, and Sundays Cranleigh 15-21 a convivial endurance test and check for the April Marathon season and the beginning of the inevitable taper (if you've been doing the milage) or the start of the inevitable panic, (if you have not).

This weekends race Galleries
Sat-25/03/2017Bolt round the Holt (free race downloads) Sponsored by GUTS - Fighting Bowel Cancer 

Just add the free downloads products to your order basket to get them for free [I think that's clear enought - Ed.]
Sun-26/03/2017The MABAC Cranleigh 15-21

Last weeks galleries - which were massively important races - make sure you've checked out your race photos ! Useful for that justgiving fundraising page to prove you've done the hard miles and ready for the last push !
Sat-18/03/2017Kelly's Clandon Park Run
Sun-19/03/2017Richmond Half and 10k
Sun-19/03/2017Hastings Half Marathon
Sun-19/03/2017Brentwood Half Marathon
Sun-19/03/2017Fleet Half Marathon
Sun-19/03/2017ETL Spring Badger Half

Enter these races- they're great and well organised, and we'll be there to shout you on !
Sun-02/04/2017Paddock Wood
Sun-09/04/2017HONC - mountain bike enduro
Sun-09/04/2017PP Grand Union Half (Spring special)
Fri-14/04/2017Folkestone 10 (Easter Friday)
Sat-22/04/2017Brutal Windmill Hill
Sun-23/04/2017REP Bluebell (Free Downloads)
Sun-23/04/2017Southampton Half, 10k, and Marathon
Sun-30/04/2017REP Steyning Tri (Free Photos)
Sun-30/04/2017Oswestry Half Marathon (Pic2Go Photos)
Sun-30/04/2017Ranelagh Half
Sun-30/04/2017YMCA Fun Run
Sun-07/05/20177Oaks Tri (Free Photos)
Wed-10/05/2017Mundays 5k (Free Photos) wednesday evening run around the

always protect your friends from the "Slow"

Jazz Hands

All going well into the wind

Good progress being made by Peter

All Happy on the first loop

Mrs Strong

Let your friend run ahead and then do this behind them. Classic.

Sort-of going ok I think

ouchy, ooh.

Neil and Dad get it in for St.Catherine's

He did the whole race like this - check his number on the gallery

Alternatively get a diaphragm strength exerciser 

Ah see, second lap and all had changed

Double thumbs up - so at least he *thought* everything was ok at that moment... (indeed nobody got hurt)

Top running out with friends

Meanwhile at the Bolt round the Holt, sponsored by Guts - use your free photos to drive better sponsorship for the charity !

Nobody mentioned the Hills !

never stand int he way of a kids race start. never.

excellent 5k effort

ahh, shy.

Really ought to include the other runners when telling a good joke to your friend

Anti-tree crash hands - locked and ready

She stared in awe at the size of it. But it wasn't that big as hills go.

Ta-da ! as he popped out from behind the tree with his red baton. Good work on the Relay.

"About this wide" - when asked her favourite TV size.

Drunk on Running

Such a cheerful winner !

it's crazy stuff ! you should try it

Solid trail running - in reality - for once - just as nice as those god-awful magazines make it out to be

Rory, making sure everyone finished Happy.  or there were consequences.

So have a thought for Tony in the office who is now into week 2 of his maternity leave. He's getting no sleep and will be returning to the fray for Paddock Wood Half and then to the office to get some rest. It's their second one, which brings back happy memories for me of it bringing on exhaustion and my heart condition. Oh such great times.

Enjoy the spring weather and the perfect training conditions into the lighter evenings - for all you warm weather tracksters - now's the time to find those spikes again.

Until Next time

Hip Hop Band Long Neck Sheep, enjoying Spring, just like you should

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