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Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Llanelli Half, Colchester Half and the Surrey Primary Schools XC champs 2017 galleries now live

They call this leading from the front. I call it - pretty impressive !! This was his lead before 1 mile. 

Three important events this weekend in the calendar, when there were several major half marathons going off across the country we managed to find ourselves as far West and as far East as we tend to go on the same day at Llanelli and Colchester Half Marathons, as far from Sussex we can get without going north !
It's days like this we sometimes think that completely rebranding to UK Sport Photo, which is actually our Ltd Company name might be more appropriate !

Returning Customer ?
Firstly a quick note to returning customers - back in December we changed the entire gallery that we host the images on to Photoshelter, (from Thirdlight) - which means when ordering you will need to create a new account, as your old log in to our previous gallery has not been moved across. (it's a data protection thing).
Unfortunately the "reset email" link is designed for people who already have an account - with the photoshelter platform, so if it's your first time back to the SSP gallery since last year - please create a new account ! I have asked photoshelter to tell people if they don't have an account when resetting passwords (instead of just saying they are sending a reset email and not doing so because you don't have an account) - but this is going to take some time for them to implement.

Gallery links:
Here are the three main links for this weekends excellent races that are now online
Surrey Schools Athletics Association

Don't forget last weekends Gallery links

Plan ahead - it's the last ever Badger Half - so why not give it a go ?
Date Event Website
Sat-18/03/2017 Kelly's Clandon Park Run
Sun-19/03/2017 Hastings Half
Sun-19/03/2017 Brentwood Half
Sun-19/03/2017 The last ever - ETL Badger Half
Sun-19/03/2017 Salomon Richmond Half and 10k
Sun-19/03/2017 Fleet Half Marathon
Sat-25/03/2017 AAT Bolt
Sun-26/03/2017 Cranleigh 15-21
Sun-02/04/2017 Paddock Wood
Sun-09/04/2017 HONC
Sun-09/04/2017 PP Grand Union Half
Sat-22/04/2017 Brutal Windmill Hill
Sun-23/04/2017 Southampton Half Marathon
Sun-23/04/2017 REP Bluebell
Sun-30/04/2017 REP Steyning Tri
Sun-30/04/2017 Oswestry Half Marathon
Sun-30/04/2017 Ranelagh Half
Sun-30/04/2017 YMCA Fun Run
Sun-30/04/2017 3Forts

Now for a quick few shots from the weekend, first up Llanelli Half Marathon!

All away safely at the start of the race

In the shadow of the Scarlet's Stadium 

The first mile out on the course, the stadium in the background

All going well so far !

Thumbs up checking in - all ok

The Coastal flat route along the Millenium Path was fast and firm

Local boys teaming up.

The SUN yes it's over there !!!

On the way back in, double thumbs up

COuldn't be better

Very cool to do this and be in the lead.

Finally finished

good strong finishing

Waving to the family on a successful run

Finishing with the proud family

Strong run home

For the win

Running through the line for a 65minute finish... - very quick !!

Meanwhile - on the other side of the United Kingdom in Essex at Colchester
That welcoming view at the end of a race

Its a long way to dance all the way 

Discussing the finer points of pacing 2:25

Flying through the town centre

Jon had a clear message

Everything going ok

Lee didn't get cold

quite busy in town when it's going through

A fine run from 299

Excellent fundraising cause

winning is fun for everyone !

sheer relief at finishing

The "Dove from above" will rescue him

Looking like the makeover worked

Excellent run in for the win

Great running in with friends

I hope you all enjoyed your running at the weekend, even if you weren't the last 600 who didn't get a medal at the end of the Bath Half marathon. The weather is getting warmer and hopefully will continue to improve now we are getting through March and the marathon season. Keep yourself injury free in the meantime !!

Until next time, it's the busiest weekend of the year coming up for us, so please bear with us next week whilst we get through all the indexing -  it was a 100,000 image weekend for us this week - and it's possible it could be double that next week and we are likely to be 30% down in the staff in the office...errr, yes we are trying to figure out a solution... all suggestions welcomed


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