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Friday, 31 March 2017

Race Discount Friday for you - two events, four races, or six... it more

Race to this Tower. Find your Rapunzel, or get tangled up and find the Eye of Sauron. Save 15% in the process.

It's Friday, the spring is springing and your thoughts have turned to what to do at the weekend, and being payday Friday (or Saturday if it's the start of the month like it is round here), then it's time to get entering some races.

Good Events Only
My analysis of what the most popular events of 2016 revealed without fail that they were all 
trail half or full marathons, over gentle hills in the countryside, in good weather, with good event organisers

So, as we sometimes do, we like to ask Race Directors those awkward questions for you. We asked our good friends at Threshold this teeny question - "Can you do our running friends a decent entry deal on your awesome trail marathon races this year ?". And guess what ? they have generously said yes ! 15% off - which is better than their early bird discounts (read on for the discount codes!)

Who are Threshold Sports ? Those much acclaimed people who organise the London Revolution Ride, The Race to the Stones (we provided all the images to competitors as part of the event - straight to competitors facebook feeds - live during the Event using Pic2Go Technology), loads of comic relief adventures, The Delloite Ride across Britain, (that's a fully supported Lands End to John O'Groats ride) and of course these two races we have a discount code for you to use. Full details below. 

The Ride across Britain, includes a lot of Wales and Scotland !

Marathon Season
So it's also Marathon season, Sunday sees the Brighton Marathon (Did you know I sat in the lead car and took photos facing backwards the whole way transmitting them live to their PR team during the first ever one?) and then in about a months time the Southampton Marathon and London Marathon.

Keep motivated, avoid the post race blues
However - it's really really a good idea to keep motivated and fit after you've done these mass participation road races, and it's a very good idea to have the entry sorted out for the next Marathon before the start of your current planned one. Why ? because without the next one planned, it is very very common to finish such a large adventure and feel that you've just landed in the middle of the sahara desert of training and job done and ticked off with nothing to motivate you to get out of the door - after the obligatory two day rest. This is what they call poor goal setting, it's like running exactly 100m and not a meter further - nobody does that in reality, and you shouldn't either. 

Who doesn't enjoy running through fields, rippling your hands through the cornfields ?

Aims and goals
Have the next thing on the horizon to aim for and you'll finish your current race with a bounce in your step and a thought of great things for the future ! (and you won't let all that hard earned fitness drop off either over two to three weeks of "CBA blues").

So timing is everything - when are these great events  and what is the discount ?

These two Ultra Race events are all based on this format of Two marathons across a two day weekend - like this:
  1. Day 1 - Trail Marathon of the first half of the course or
  2. Day 2 - Trail Marathon of the second half of the course or
  3. Day 1 and 2 - both trail marathons with a stop and rest or 
  4. Day 1 into 2 - The Double Marathon in one go Ultra
You can check the route pages on the race websites to discover just how this all works out.

They are both two days over the weekend of two marathons. You can "just" do a marathon on either day, or you can "go Ultra" and do the whole thing joined up as a big double ultra marathon, or you can split it and have a rest and recovery evening and night ready for day two.

Please remember - these are proper weekend away fully serviced and supported running events, not an evening ramble and a sausage roll organised by the local hash harriers to a pub. The race management we have seen by Threshold is not bettered anywhere else. Just check the website for info.

Here are the links to the events - and please note our exclusive discount codes and share them far and wide !! (yes you can tell your friends on facebook too ok!)

Race to the Tower Discount code of PICTOWER
June 10th and 11th
Race to the Tower - Along the Cotswold Way in Gloucester from Stroud to the Broadway Tower 
click here to go to this race website to find out more and enter: 
Your 15% discount code is "PICTOWER"

Race to the Kings Discount code of KINGPIC

June 24th and 25th
Race to the King - Along the South Downs from Slindon near Arundel in Sussex to Winchester Cathedral.
Click here to go to the race website -
Your 15% discount code is "KINGPIC"

We are planning things carefully here to bring the Pic2Go experience to both these events, just like we did for Race to the Stones last year and Ride Across Britain. This does nothing but add to the enjoyment of the day for everyone involved.
Pic2Go is the fastest and best way for everyone to share in your experiences and achievements so that everyone can enjoy your adventures. If you want to find out more about Pic2Go, then just look at the website or contact Sally for more information - and if you're an event director - remember - memories from the day are not an operational event expense, they are a long term strategic investment in something you believe in - your participants.

So that's it until next time, probably Monday, when the Paddock Wood Half Marathon gallery will be live ! Enjoy your weekend of race entering !

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