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Thursday, 1 June 2017

Get ready for June 2017

Did you have a quick 10k run around Oxford in May ?
May has been a busy month for us, and I'm just awaiting the data to find out just how many photos we too of you all... you can see all the galleries we were at - just click on this link to see and order your recent race images from the fantastic month of May, just use your race number to find yourself quickly and easily ! And also remember a great many of the galleries were free images. 

June is also shaping up to be another very busy one, with half marathons, Ultras, Marathons and Triathlons and a MTB Cycle ride as well as part of our coverage, along with the odd mud run to keep you clean.

The growing theme of free download galleries continues with 7 great events for you to take part in which all either have free downloads afterwards, or with the system - live pictures during the event itself - see the list below for more race details and get yourselves entered !

To get your free downloads for a gallery - remember to just order the free downloads to get them - I've changed the "add to basket page" to display the downloads tab first - so just "Add to Basket" and checkout - there will be no fee - if you pick the free ones !!

We have our gallery page ready for June here (and each one has a link to the event website ) - or you can just go down this list here:

Future Events coming up - spot the ones with Free Photos !
Date Event Entry Website
Sat-03/06/2017 The Hurt
Sun-04/06/2017 Dorking 10
Sat-Sun 10/06/2017 Race To The Tower
Free Pic2Go Photos
Sun-11/06/2017 Mid Sussex Tri
Free Photos
Sat-17/06/2017 Brutal Congo Woods
Sat-17/06/2017 Muddy Mission
Free Photos
Sun-18/06/2017 Hampshire Hoppit
Sun-18/06/2017 Shrewsbury Half Marathon
Free Pic2Go Photos
Tue-20/06/2017 Big Ride For Africa
Free Pic2Go Photos
Sat-Sun 24/06/2017 Race to the King
Free Pic2Go Photos
Sat-24/06/2017 Leeds Castle Sprint Tri
Sat-24/06/2017 REP Arun Swim
Free Photos
Sun-25/06/2017 Leeds Castle Standard Tri

Gold at the end of the rainbow - if you like free images instantly during an event with Pic2Go !

Getting the best value for money
I just want to highlight that if you want the best value for money from the gallery - then ordering a collection of all your images for £19.99 (including the VAT) is better value for money than ordering 3 individual digital files - which will cost £20.95 (Including the VAT)

Add to Cart Screenshot: When Adding to Basket - Check the Prints, Products and Downloads Tab at the top, and if you're unsure what it is - click on where it says "more" - to find out a longer description of the product.
Collections of "All my images..." are in the Products tab - because we have to put them together for you manually, whilst individual file downloads are instant.
Just remember - 3 files is the break/even point where you mnight want to just get the collection instead.

VAT and delivery addresses for digital files
If you didn't know - back in 2015 UK law changed so that VAT has to be charged at the correct rate for the purchaser of the digital goods, based on their location. This was to stop companies pretenting they shipped everything out of Gurnsey - where VAT is 0% and when VAT was based on the location of the supplying company.
That's why even for digital files - we have to ask where you are (i.e. the shipping address). We do have some customers who live in countries with zero VAT, and so they get things that bit cheaper, but I'm sure they pay for the tax breaks in other ways...

Here comes June and we're half way through the year already !!!

So, what else is happening in June ?
Apart from the obvious Election, to which I say #Covfefe (certain people within my inner circle close to me won't have a clue what I mean by that either), we've got a PR photoshoot at Ascot, I'm going to get my Athletics coaching certificate application sorted out (hopefully level 2), and fingers crossed my aching big toe (from kneeling down and taking photos bending it backwards) will heal up enough for me to get some sort of running done.

Here comes the Election ! I'm sure everything will be fine...
So, until next time (which should be monday), have a great weekend and I hope you're enjoying the good half term weather - if you're kids have been off school... and see you at the Hurt (yes, it will hurt), or at the Dorking 10 !!

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