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Monday, 5 June 2017

The Hurt and Dorking10 2017 galleries are now ready

A day of no pain no gain in perfect conditions for a lovely run around the Hurtwood on Saturday and then a wizz around the roads south of Dorking on Sunday...
It wasn't hurting quite yet for these two...

The Hurt Race Gallery is here:
The Dorking 10 (and 9.5k) Gallery is here:

Meanwhile in the background we also powered the Pic2Go system for the Deva Triathlon

All of last months race galleries are here:

Early days in the Dorking 10 with the Col du Boite in the background
10 miles is one of those traditional distances that is getting a little bit of a comeback - depending on your injury state it's either a bit faster than a half marathon and you can push yourself a bit more, or it's a bit less stressful and you can probably make it round ok. Generally though they don't get entered as much as anything with the word "marathon" in the title. I saw this taken to a bit of extreme over the weekend at an event named as a "quarter marathon" - because it was one lap of two for a half marathon. Frankly I blame the metric system.

Future Events coming up in June 2017 - spot the ones with Free Photos ! (oh yeah, please enter them...) 
We have our gallery page ready for June here (and each one has a link to the event website ) - or you can just go down this list here:
DateEventEntry Website
Sat-Sun 10/06/2017Race To The Tower
Free Pic2Go Photos
Sun-11/06/2017Mid Sussex Tri
Free Photos
Sat-17/06/2017Brutal Congo Woods
Sat-17/06/2017Muddy Mission
Free Photos
Sun-18/06/2017Hampshire Hoppit
Sun-18/06/2017Shrewsbury Half Marathon
Free Pic2Go Photos
Tue-20/06/2017Big Ride For Africa (Germany)
Free Pic2Go Photos
Sat-Sun 24/06/2017Race to the King
Free Pic2Go Photos
Sat-24/06/2017Leeds Castle Sprint Tri and Youth races
Sat-24/06/2017REP Arun Swim
Free Photos
Sun-25/06/2017Leeds Castle Standard Tri

How it went at the Hurt

Sarah wins lots of races. We actually have one of her winning Basingstoke on the wall in the office

There's often a good reason for a 2" thick Oak Sign with the word "Caution" in red text

But apparently, not that bad

The dogs enjoyed it

Just a bit bewildered by the hill

Not as bewildered as I was !!

The single eyebrow of calm concern and carrying on

It's a bit totally unlike any drinking game you have ever done

See. No pain. Nopey nope. Not here.

"So there I was, And then I said to him...." are not the words I heard when this happened

Hills can make you slightly halucigenic


Synchronised running is a thing. Lost points from the judges for a lack of thumbs on the left.

With the continuning perfect running weather, we saw it all at Dorking
The Cyclists enjoyed the course too

we never saw who he was with

team running

Good to see Yasmin out and enjoying the race

If you can run like this - you win

or like this !

Thiss isn't too shabby

He Runs Reigate every year too...

Competitive to the core

zombies everywhere - RUN !!!!
so on that note, make sure you enjoy the little bit of rain for the gardens tonight, keep yourselves dry and enjoy training in the slightly cooler weather.

Enjoy the gallery - and don't forget to order those pictures if you want us to turn up next year and cover the event again for you... 

Finally, yes this app on my phone is great for making phone photos tangible and instantly permanent -  I rarely make recommendations, but this does seem to work for me, and I'm usually too busy with work photos to do my own. Download the app and give it a go.

until next time

1 comment:

  1. I really enjoyed the pictures! Cute captions, and the use of a chart to display info was a nice touch. Looks like you folks are having a lot of fun.


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