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Monday, 3 December 2018

The Hogs Back 2018 gallery now live

The Hogs Back race snakes it's way from Loseley
All done on the same day the gallery for the 2018 Hogs back is all live and online with over 1230 runners in this sold out race and over 16,000 fully catalogued images ready for you to search and browse:

If you want to see where last weeks race galleries are, or indeed want to have some idea of where you should be running off those mince pies over the next month - then this is the race table listing for you !
Date Event Event Gallery or Website
Sat-17/11/2018 Brutal Spider Hill
Sun-18/11/2018 Fulham 10k
Sun-18/11/2018 Brighton 10k
Sun-02/12/2018 The Hogs Back
Future Races
Sun-09/12/2018 Seaford Mince Pie
Sat-29/12/2018 Brutal Longmoor
Tue-01/01/2019 Serpentine 10k
Sun-06/01/2019 Tadworth Ten

Here's a small selection from the Hogs Back for you to enjoy...
Serious Running, for when the Gym isn't your thing

Cairon jumped with surprise when he saw Paul

There's a lot going on in this image, what is 486 thinking, what did 57 just say, and what's the bloke behind 410 doing ?

Don't panic, she has not broken her elbow with jubilation !

bored on a race ? -

Double thumbs up for that then

298 suitably impressed by what's occurring

Bound to be a good run

Centre forward for Stoke next

pink flamingo tropical running vest in December. Reminds me of sunnier climbs.

for the win

"It's all about the fun". Clearly.

Proper hogsback race headgear for the win.

Top Teapot

What they call in the triathlon world - a top "O-face".

Hello Mike !

The realisation that Movember had finished a few days earlier
We're in the quiet season now - which thankfully gives us a moment to look in the windows of shops to think of what we might like to get at christmas. you can get me one of these if you need to - 

We also spend a bit of time talking to events for next year - and we are now over 50% booked for 2019 (NB race directors - get your booking in very quickly, we have already had to disappoint some!!), and are very pleased to announce free race photos with at the Basingstoke Half Marathon 2019. Get your entry in quickly here - now (as a present for your beloved?) - there's also a 10k if you fancy that too !

So, next weekend is the mighty Seaford Mince Pie 10, which is almost always sold out - so that's the last of the runs sorted before the end of the year... remember to wrap up warm for that one...

Until next time, have a good training week and enjoy the mulled wine...


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