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Thursday, 2 January 2020

Brutal Longmoor 2019 and Serpentine NYD 10k 2020 - Galleries live

Well, happy new year to you all !! 2020 and all that is now on it's way - enjoy it whilst it lasts !

It's a winter wonderland. Their security wanted to know what I was doing stood around with a camera outside their main gate. Not being subtle about it if I was doing anything covert to be honest, which I wasn't. But apparently MI6 headquarters is inside here ever since their builders lost the plans like what happened to the Death Star, and you know what happened to that.

If you're looking to do the 10 year change comparison (2010 v's end of 2019), then we haven't yet got to reloading 2010's gallery but we do have 2007 gallery full online here: to see what you looked like 13 years ago !!!

Here's the latest Galleries and future events to get yourself booked into and training through these very mild winter months (so far)...

Date Event Gallery / Future Event
Sat-16/11/2019 Brutal Spider Hill
Sun-17/11/2019 Fulham 10k
Sun-17/11/2019 Brighton 10k
Sun-08/12/2019 Seaford Mince Pie
Sat-28/12/2019 Brutal Longmoor
Wed-01/01/2020 Serpentine 10k
Sun-05/01/2020 Tadworth Ten
Sat-25/01/2020 Brutal Bagshot
Sun-02/02/2020 Watford Half
Sun-09/02/2020 Worthing Half TBC

here's some photos for you from the last two events...

Happy New Year !

all smiles at the serpentine  

Here's the 2020 headgear of the year

Here's our first winner of 2020

flying all the way from the Royal Opera House on the laps

This is how I want to get going into 2020

Or like this - this is how going to 2020 should be, at speed and shifting fast

It's a winter wonderland !

And this was the last race of 2019... Brutal Longmoor

Helping Elves were on duty to help you sleigh yourselves around the course

we all need a bit of a lift after christmas

now go wash your hands

some people were thinking about the consequences

Good Game, Good Game

Victory arms

Surprised arms

Victory for all arms

victory surrender arms

space left on one arm

NO !! I'm Stick man, I'm stick man... 

Inverted Strong arms

Blue Arm

Popeye arms

crazy eye (NB there's three heads in the middle there...)

organiser eye


och aie

ooer aye

whats eye

och noo aye

And here's our last winner of 2019 !
 And with that the last year finished and the new year started. With perhaps a bit more vision and foresight than we had in 2019 ? I wonder what they'll call that then ? A miracle probably, or "online digital content legislation for social media companies"...

So, Happy New Year and we look forwards to seeing you very soon !
until next time

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