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Monday, 18 May 2009

In progress - EgTri Staines Bognor Superhero 10k

Just a quick update to give you a progress report and expected timelines on events from Sundays races:

1. Eg Tri - ***NOW LIVE*** - Gallery is here
2. Staines 10k - ***NOW LIVE*** - Gallery is here
3. Bognor 10k - ***NOW LIVE*** - Gallery is here
4. Heroes 10k - ***NOW LIVE*** - Gallery is here

***All Events online***

If you're reading this blog online and you're not signed up for the gallery updates by email - then by all means sign up and subscribe using the box on the right --> you'll get the latest updates asap and you can unsubscribe anytime (there's a link at the bottom of the emails).

As each gallery is made ready a new blog update will be posted with full race and event details and a few more photos for that particular race.

In the meantime there's a few extra photos below, and then click on those damn gooogle ads and plan the details of your next race !

Eg Tri - no sign of batman...

Robin was seen at the Heros 10k in Hove, amongst others...

Batman put in an appearance in the Staines 10k

Batman managed also to get down to the southcoast to the Bognor 10k... and found a utility belt on the way...

and if you're thinking it was dry anywhere at all on Sunday Morning, the answer is yes - but in Kent.

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