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Friday, 22 May 2009

Triathletes World - Midweek Tri #1

F3 Events - Triathletes World Mid Week Tri #1 2009

Well done to many of you completing your first triathlon so I'm guessing you're looking forwards to seeing the pictures - good news - there's a few thousand...

To find your pictures there are two methods - searching and browsing...
Searching for your pictures will only be limited to running photos as we could only see your numbers at the finish and had no body/hand numbering or cycling helment numbers.

Browsing for your swim exit and cycling photos can easily be done by scrolling down the event page (when it's live !) to the bottom of the page - and clicking through on the albums, and browsing through the thumbnails or larger images.

The Slide show is an easy way to go through the images, and the thumbnails are in sets of 20 so it is quite quick to go and page through several hundred images and be able to spot yourself - just click on a thumbnail to bring up the enlarged image.

Do bear in mind due to the cycling laps your first photos might not be your only ones - so have a good sift through them all to find yourselves...

Well done to you all on Wednesday - here's a little taster for you below....

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