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Friday, 14 August 2009

Triathletes World #4 Evening Triathlon - Dorney Lake

It was the last and final evening triathlon at Dorney lake last night - only a handful of people delayed due to the commuter chaos that is the M4 - and after race briefing everyone readied themselves for the race ahead.

Then it rained. I mean - it really really rained.

The moody skies wanted to add a few more inches to the depth of the lakes.

The rain was the last thing that the swimmers were thinking about:

The rain can take the autofocus away from the subject - with interesting results:

I must thank Martyn from F3 events and SBR sports at this point for helping out with an umbrella for me - otherwise I wouldn't have been able to take many swim exit photos ! We both got soaked, but fortunately the camera and flash kit didn't get wet and I didn't get electrocuted !

Some people made for a great exit from the swim ready for the ride:

And then as the cycle continued the clouds blew away from the south (right) to give some clearer skies:

A bit of mountain biking for the hilly course:

As you can see the bike course gets pretty busy on the out and back loop. All the better to be able to use both tracks down to the boathouse and back.

The results are up on Tri247:

The event gallery is here - please remember to read the instructions - it will probably save you more time than it takes to read it and save on confusion levels...

Also - don't forget pictures are only guaranteed to be online for three months so please get your event photos as soon as possible - especially from the previous Evening series races - the May #2 is going to be taken down anytime soon so please don't miss out. You can get multi-buy discount by buying across different events.

Well done on completing the races in the tough rain conditions, and we look forwards to seeing you soon !


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