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Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Seaford Half Marathon now live

After an interesting 48 hours of the weekend, the Seaford Half marathon photos are now online here

Saturdays pictures from the O'Brien School Irish Dancing Championships will be ready by approximately 2pm on Tuesday - we've lots to get through and sort out! The holding page on the gallery is here: and I'l be putting out an update blog as soon as it's ready.

For the Seaford Half marathon on sunday, it was a hazy day up on the course, with the overnight rain adding to the humidity as it burnt off in the breaking sun. This made it difficult to see Beachy head from the top of Seaford Head at times. Overall it was another great race organised by the NPS Lions with help from Seaford Striders up and across the south downs - finishing along Marine Parade with the Seaford Head hiding in the background showing you the completed challenge.

This year it was a tight race for first and second - decided in all probability in who could make the final descent the easiest. Darryl Hards from Phoenix made it just ahead of Mats Gedin this time round.
in between runners, there were some nice views to be had back to the barn and across the Cuckmere haven valley.

For myself, after the high altitude of pro-triathlon last weekend it was great to be back locally and seeing regular faces out and about. Although I'd not seen 339 Nicola Williams out and about before - gunning 1hr:32 for the first female home and 8th overall. Hopefully we'll see more of her in Sussex races this year ? Barns Green must be somewhere on her list !

Big congratulations too to all the charity runners and fundraisers who managed a happy smile and wave on the way round and a bit of a chat and a hello - it's always nice to see you. Everyone found the conditions incredibly hard work, so big respect for you in completing the Seaford Half Marathon.

The gallery is online here

Apologies for the slight delay to getting the Irish Dancing images online - as I'd also like to mention a big thank you to the staff at A&E in Haywards Heath who treated me through Sunday evening from 11pm to 3am with calmness and professionalism and getting everything back on track for me. I'd not banked on heart palpitations and Atrial Fibrillation aged 40, but who knows what is in the future for us all ? Thanks to you all over there and NHS direct for the good advice. GP and Cardiologist are the next stop...

In the meantime, here's a sneak preview of the Irish Dancing Championships held on Saturday - many thanks for your patience...

 As promised, easy links for planning your future races are linked below - have a look and let me know if this is a handy place to have them.

Until the dancing is online, adios.

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