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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Sevenoaks Autumn Tri now live

Well that was the weekend that was the 7Oaks triathlon. I don't think I get pre-race nerves but waking up at 2am and not getting back to sleep before the alarm goes off at 5am, surely isn't a good thing. The good news is I slept well after the race, as I'm sure many of you did too !
Well, the gallery made it live monday, if only by a few minutes, but the gallery is now all here:

Some people have already asked - what was in the infamous goody bag ? well - have a look at the photo and take a look. And the really good thing ? - not a single piece of littery flyers.That's at least one tree saved. And I'd personally like to thank the Sevenoaks team for the one I had - which included a chicken salad sandwhich, and the cuppa I had at 7am when things got a bit cold. Awesome. Now you know just one reason why this race sells out so quickly... It's certainly not for the fast flat course !

The weather wasn't as bad as the forecast had been - it was actually warmer than it should have been, and the wind didn't get as strong as it threatened - although must have made the bike leg tricky.

There are some piccys on the gallery of the swim, but you'll probably need to search on '000' to see those. Otherwise if you want to see some of the marshals from the Sevenoaks Tri Club in action - search on 'marshal'...
There were three of us out on Sunday covering the course from T1 in, The top of the hill climb on the bike, out in Knowle park, and then finally at the finish to get that proof you really were exhausted ! There were a few deer out on the course, as well as a pixie-in-a-box at the finish waiting to take your timing chips...

The full race results are over on StuWeb here:

I don't often end up doing finish line portraits, in fact Sevenoaks is the only event we do it at - but the race is so much of a challenge and so well run that it's one of those that you need the "finish portrait" to prove you've been there and done that.  So thank you to all of you who between recovery breaths managed to stand there and raise a smile to your achievement ! The other upside of doing the portraits was that I actually got to talk to some of you for a change (instead of watching you run past...) and catch up with many of the regular friendly faces I see so often. And a special hello to the nice race supporter who said she liked this blog - *wave* :-)

Now remember those crazy guys at Sevenoaks Tri Club love your feedback on how the race went, because they do all that "continuous improvement" stuff. Which is why the race is as good as it is. So make sure you go back to the website and let them know what worked, what didn't, what the best thing in the goody bag was, and if you could do it differently - what would you do ? Personally I think that a slight change in the place where they start the racking would be good (this would possibly stop T1 racers crossing the later arriving bike rackers) - but hey - what can you say bad about a club that has the capacity to put on a coffee run for all the marshals ? I can't !

So enjoy the memories from the race gallery and the brief selection below - and please make sure you get yours in time to cherish and keep too.

 The gallery is now all here:
 and yes I did make it live on monday - but only just.
Right, bedtime for a while and then the Pilgrim marathon is the next event to sort out.

Until then,

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