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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

The Brutal 10 - now live

The Brutal 10 race gallery is now live and online here:

A nice way to spend a bank holiday is not the way most people would describe the Brutal 10 race. However faced with a choice of going and doing the race or going to work in an office with the commute - what would you do ?
I know even I would have chosen doing this race on the last day of the new year holiday freedom. Having long ago eschewed the corporate world and being self-employed unfortunately means I get no holiday (pension, bonus or sick leave...), so opted to work and couldn't do the run... which is just as well really.

Let's be honest here - it was cold. There were mild snow flurries even before the race started. They broke the ice on the two water "features" in the morning - and by the look of the pieces - it was about an inch thick in places.
Water "feature" 1 at 2k
 Some people managed to look dynamic and unruffled by the ice, which is why he (below) was in second at the time probably, others meanwhile
 seemed to enjoy the whole situation in a crazy last days of freedom style.
 Only one person expressed a wish to retire from the race after the first water, but reconsidered when the option to go round was suggested at the next. I was mightily impressed by the lack of swearing generally, but then most people seemed to have lost the ability to feel their feet (a common question was - where are my feet ? still on your legs! we replied) let alone swear out loud properly !

 The second bit of water was a lot easier, and shallower (mostly) and just as icy, but at least everyone had warmed up a bit by then. One of the Canine runners decided that going for a swim wasn't such a good idea, and didn't take the scenic route...
A bit of uphill to the peak and then downhill through the woods to the sandpit for a kilometer of hard graft. Going up the dunes wasn't the only hard bit 
 as coming down them was also hard work on the soft sand.
 Here's looking to another great Brutal Run over towards Pirbright camp next February
For full details of the next Brutal run - click here:

In the meantime - enjoy the memories from this one here:

until next time

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