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Monday, 17 January 2011

Epsom Perch - Gallery live

Pictures from the Epsom Perch are now available here:

The race results and website is here:

After 10 years of running about on the Downs, the Perch swum upstream to Nonsuch park to a new venue and new course.
Being a 2 lap 5k park course made for a lot of good spectator points as the runners crossed and ran about the route on the day.
Three different views of the start down Fir Tree lane
Aerial view of the start

Low down wideangle - get out of the way quickly

Long range distance view of the start
  On the course the sun was quite bright to start off, but clouded over, and then even rained - quite a heavy shower.
Womens race winner at the 4k mark

BA Speedbird 316

Look - Clean hands !!

Look - Muddy Hands !! (time for a Bath ?)

Mens winner going strong at just after 5k

Womens First Prize with Martin the Race Director

Mens First Prize
Sponsors of the Race prizes -

Quentin Tarrantino modelled his last film on this Hero shot
Another day in the outside office completed, now off to the inside office for eight hours or so of image cataloguing and editing...
The gallery was made live at about 1am last night, and we had our first order at 4:30am. This has to be some kind of night time record !

Sharing links to galleries on the website
For a while now I've been trying to put the share link in an obvious place for people to be able to send a link to friends or use on facebook, or twitter.
The key thing to remember (unfortunately) is that the web address bar link that you see - won't work.
I've now put a yellow rectangle with the correct link code to use - so just highlight it with the mouse (hold the left button down when you sweep over the text) and then use Ctrl+C to copy the link.

Hey presto - you can just paste it wherever you want and share with whoever you like and it will work !

Also (unfortunately) I can't get the Facebook open graph protocol to work effectively with the web content generating code which the gallery software uses (smarty templates), so whilst the quick share links work - the automatic facebook one will only go to the gallery frontpage. Use the link shown in the yellow box and paste that into facebook if you want it to work properly.

Right - I'm off to go for a run - I'm so desperately unfit at the moment it's laughable (otherwise I start crying). I'm usually working when you're racing so I have to do it sometimes. I managed a parkrun at Hove last Saturday, and the aim is back to sub-20 for 5k this year, but now I'm a vet-40 might not be realistic. So for now - it's getting back a base level of fitness after 3 years off (being self-employed has it's downside).

Until next time - which is Sunday at for their duathlon and 10k at Dorney Lake, Windsor (very flat and fast).


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