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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

2011 Brentwood Half Marathon and Fun Run & Cranleigh 15-21 now live

Pictures from the MABAC Cranleigh 15-21 2011 are now live and online here:

Pictures from the Equity Redstar Brentwood Half marathon and Fun Run 2011 are now live and online here:

An Ideal Sunday:
An almost perfect day for running in the south of england last Sunday with some sun and a slight breeze. Whilst some people fancied living it up on the coast at Hastings taking on the massive hill, wiser folk were inland at Cranleigh for the 15 or 21 mile race, or taking part at the Brentwood Half Marathon and Fun Run in Essex, organised by the Brentwood à Becket Rotary Club.

Both events are seen as pre-london races, providing ideal race distances to start to build your race day routine and getting things in order, as well as good benchmarking with about one month to go to the big day. In total there were some 764 finishers over both distances at Cranleigh with 2596 finishers over the Fun Run and the Half Marathon at Brentwood.

A perspective:
With the world news currently "quite busy", and with our domestic economy continuing to take a hell of a kicking (brace yourselves for the budget tomorrow), I wanted to take the opportunity to share with you one key thought:
Running is good fun.

Building on this one statement is easy, and I could write a zillion words trying to explain just how much fun it is, and how it helps in so many ways and is so much more than just keeping fit.
But I don't need to do that, as a picture says a thousand words here's several thousand words for you to look at, enjoy and share in their pleasure in doing what we all have once felt ourselves, and use the pictures to remind ourselves of the good times, and be Happy. Pass it on if you get the chance.

Fast Starts at Brentwood Half

The Fun Run Start

You can spot the eventual winner and second place - They're on the right

Learning to fly: Part 1

Learning to Fly: Part 2

Learning to Fly: Part 3

Flying: Part 4 - James Connor - 1:07:21

Flag Flying: Colour Co-ordinated

Not knowing where to turn, he was surrounded by happy people...

Run for it !
what time is it supposed to be ?

still smiling, but only gone 30 yards

the roar of achievement

YMCA was on the loudspeakers

There was a lot of excellent fundraising

Plenty of waves for the supporters

Some competitive local rivalries with clubmates

Great running for the hospice

Achievement completed

big waves at the finish

good final yards

8 pints please Paul

make mine a big one please

can I have a lift please Dad ?

c'mon we're late


V for victory

Did anyone see me carrying a pink bag ?
Horsham Joggers at Cranleigh rounding on the non-team colours

Anne took an early lead

Blackheath Harriers escape to the countryside

So there's a little insight into the fun that was run on Sunday, and well done to everyone on completing the distances and challenges you set yourselves I hope you had a good time.

Next weekend on the 27th march it's Paddock Wood Half, Worthing 20, Eastleigh 10k and the inaugural Colchester Half Marathon. The weather is set to get a bit colder on the 5 day forecast, but hopefully not rain, it seems to be saying sunny.

Until next time, train safe, and enjoy your running


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