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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Steyning Stinger - free downloads now live

Free Race Downloads from the Steyning Stinger are now live and online here:

Remember this is a free download gallery - so you can get all your race images directly from the gallery for free. No need to right-click and copy them (yes, unbelievable but some people do, even on the free galleries) - and you'll get a 50% better resolution from downloading them.
Just click on the download buttons above the image, or select the thumbnails, click on the download button shown and collect them (on the left of the page).

With near perfect weather for running around the "Stings" of the South Downs, thin cloud, soft ground but not too muddy, a bit of a chilly wind, and more importantly - no rain, fog, ice, mist or snow - this time...

Sat at the 5mile mark, on the first main Sting west of Washington, looking directly into the cold wind, and generally minding my own business, it did get a tad cold after about an hour. With the Early starters setting off from about 8am, I was there from about 8.30 until 10:10, when it was time to get to the finish.

I did my best to give as many of you as possible a motivational shout, although those of you with headphones in might want to turn the volume down - otherwise one day you'll get run over like the bloke almost did at the race last week...

A lot of you had a great smile, a wave and a friendly hello to many of you that I see at least once a year - here ! You all looked like you were enjoying yourselves far too much !

Jumping for joy - you've done 5 miles
the Burgess Hill section of Charlie's Angels

Working back from the winning time - if you set off at the official start time on the half marathon at 9am, then you wouldn't be back in until about 10:27, so allowing a few minutes for driving back to the finish - I made it there at 10:25.  So I apologise if you don't have a picture of yourself at the finish - you tricked me.

Meanwhile, with the kids being ably looked after by our Early Sunday morning babysitter, Mrs B was covering the photography at the top at Chanctonbury Ring. With the wind blowing up and over the top - it actually wasn't too windy where she was (she tells me).
Some good focussed running along the top
Either there was a giant on the loose, or a very small person running
Some suitably friendly waving and frolicking
Always show your number- if you want to find your pictures easily. Please don't scare us.
The house white tasting session at the top was seriously considered
You are never too old for airplanes
Hitching a lift off the top isn't really allowed
"group hug" and all is well
 After the further run down to the Golf Club if you're doing the full marathon with a quick loop over to the east, or if you're doing the half it's a quick drop down the hill and back through Wiston house to the finish.

To answer the question, does the Steyning Stinger hurt ? No. It doesn't hurt, honest.
These positions are dangerous and recreated here by trained stunt men.
Do not attempt to recreate any of these positions without first entering the race and paying for it.
I finally finished at 3pm on the day, which was 7 hours coverage, and went back to base and working through the images. The combined total between the two of us and four different points was some 12,000 pictures, which we edited down and catalogued to about 9,600 sharp and in focus images.  That's about an average of 24 images per runner !

So remember to go online here: to get your free race images and memento of another great race put on by Steyning AC.

If your race number was hidden - then have a check for "000" as that's what we use as your race number if we can't read it. And - if you find yourself do let us know and we can put it right so you can find them easily again next time. (there's a caption correction email link next to the image)

Special thanks to all the marshals, officials, registration, and especially the breakfast waitresses for making it one of the safest ways to enjoy a spring run out on the downs.

Well done on completing the race, please enjoy your free downloads and until next time, train safely.

p.s. might see you at the B&H Parkrun on saturday. I'll be the slow one at the back...

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