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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Oxford Town & Gown 10k 2011

The official race photo gallery to the Oxford Town and Gown 10k 2011 for Muscular Dystrophy is now live and online here:

Profits from photo sales are shared with  the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign, so please help us to raise as much as possible.

Casual cool was the catalogue pose at the start before the go
Tweety Pie, Spartan and Morph man were only yards behind the early leaders.
  With a turnout of 2666 runners the 30th running of the annual Oxford Town and Gown 10k took place on Sunday 15th of May.
It can get a bit busy once everyones on their way

30th anniversary of a great race
The race was won in an age grading of 84.47 and 31:56 by David Bruce from Oxford University Cross Country club. Sophie Carter covered the course in 36:53 (age grading of 81.07) to win the laides, but the best age graded performance of the day in 88.47 went to Roy Treadwell, who clearly did, to put down a time of 38:04 for a Vet60+ male running for Oxford City AC.

The course weaves around Oxford and the famous buildings

Muscular Dystrophy did tons to help build the atmosphere
Always good to top up on your physics

Steady round the course on the paths in the final grounds

Great wrist sweatbands with Fat on one and Boy on the other. A bit harsh really given his race time.

Several great fancy dress efforts were made

More decent waving from women - Men don't do this.
OK, some men do wave like that, but only in a crowd, when really necessary.
Well done to everyone involved in the race - when you have marshals breaking ankles before the race even starts needing ambulances but it's all dealt with easily you know you have a good team on the ground you can rely on.

So, help us to help raise even more funds for the charity with the profits being shared from photo sales with the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign.

Until next time - just a quiet 10 miler over at Baddow this weekend in Essex if you fancy the drive over


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