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Friday, 15 July 2011

RPAC Summer 10k now live - free downloads

The RPAC Summer 10k race gallery is now live and online here: 

Free downloads to all the runners on the day, I think with 6000 files and 340 finishers that's about 17 images each on average = rather a lot !

Taking on chip timing for the first time, the results can now be found over on Sport Systems here:

Perfect weather for an evening 10k, not very windy and a good temperature lead to a few putting in massive PB's much to their own surprise.
Local winning first lady going out strong at 1k

Almost a full airplane

Shy and retiring, he forgot all about it at 9k.

Does this make a bi-plane ?

Far too much happiness

NIcky, breaking in a new thoroughbred, took the bike option

When this came round the corner it got a bit busy - I think I got them all

Nicky's thoroughbred duly broken into enjoying running

Your Esteemed winners

Concentrating hard to remember their race number at the finish

Marshals did a great job all around the course, making it the event you love.
Well done to everyone at RPAC for another great mid-week race and the introduction of chip timing successfully. Getting these sort of races together on local roads during a working week-day is no mean feat and something which other clubs and event organisers should look to with big respect !

This weekend the wet weather will be hitting us at the Marlow Triathlon and the Chichester Triathlon. We're getting the suitable clothing ready for a sit outside and a few less of the idle "I wish I had your job" comments from passing strangers, "My phone has more megapixels" comments from iphone4 users, and "my race number is..." from poor sighted people with tri belts on backwards thinking we are holding microphones.

So all triathletes this weekend - remember - helmet numbers on the front where they can be seen from the front, and race numbers un-flapped round on the front during the run. And the swim ?, well, nobody really wants their race number written on their forehead (except me), so get it written on the back of your hands, Thank you !

Until next time,

p.s. finally got my "urgent" consultant referral appointment (referred from the other consultant who wanted it to happen within 3 days due to the immediate concerns about the tachychardia that they still don't understand) after 3weeks of phoning and practically begging the consultants secretary to help and do something - for when ? August the 1st - so just the six weeks later. Meanwhile the beta-blockers are busy blocking and it's horrible.
Conincidentally the stroke consultant who said he "would see me immediately after my brain MRI" for a TIA is now at least a week past "immediate" even if he saw me yesterday. I want one of these special NHS watches for running my business - I'll ask when I eventually get to see themwhere they get theirs from.

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