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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Bexhill Triathlon 2011

The Team Lifestyle Bexhill Triathlon gallery is now live and online here:

The provisional main results are now out here.

Babysitter blues
A small panic set in here when the babysitter didn't turn up at 7am due to food poisoning, with agent Sally dispatched earlier to Bexhill, I was left with two small children and the challenge of getting to the Arundel 10k on time. The three options included one which would have left just Mick to cover the Tri on his own - which would have led to no bike coverage of the race. Fortunately option one delivered and the neighbours brought his (similar aged) kids over to babysit (at 7:20am - what a star), and Sally swapped places with Mick to cover just the bikes and get back home sooner. I did check when I got back that it wasn't a ruse to ensure she was home in time to watch Mo Farrah in the World Athletic Championships going for gold in the 10k final, or Mr Bolt shut prematurely - and it wasn't. Thank goodness for C4+1 and watching it all a little bit later !

Sea Swimming
Taking pictures of people wearing head to toe black, with a backlit sea and sun is one of the hardest things you can try to do in sport photography, especially when the sun is ducking in and out of the clouds and you're trying to get everyone. Auto exposure metering doesn't work a whole load so it's a hard job to get right. Mick did a pretty good job of the surf shots - but unfortunately all the numbering is covered up, so you'll have to browse through the folders, or search on wave1, wave2 or wave3.

Good to see the regulars out on the course, including Mr Dixon as ever and Miss Grice leading the mens and womens races from the front as business as usual.
That scratchy back moment

angry with his swim, The Hulk grew and his wetsuit exploded, ripping from his torso

Always run safe

Yvette stays on her toes into the finish

great finish wave to the family

Getting a grip on the bike

Mr Dixon holds the pose on the return leg
Well done to Paul and Greg and the Team Lifestyle crew on running another great event, looking forwards already to their planning for the Sussex Marathon next year.

Three big events next weekend, The Newbury Triathlon, The Events to Live Spitfire 10 and Tempest 20 (entries available), and the inaugural Maidenhead Half Marathon with Purple Patch. It's going to be a busy one, and so begins the Autumn running season. Good luck everyone - whatever your goals for this side of summer.

Until next time

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