Monday 29 August 2011

Arundel Castle 10k 2011

The Arundel Castle 10k 2011Free download images are now available for viewing and downloading from the gallery here:

Race Results:

When I start complaining about too much sun you know I'm being a fussy so-and-so, but that's what it was like at Arundel on Sunday for the annual Scouts organised Arundel Castle 10k run - the only chance each year you get to go into the inner quad of the castle itself. Perfect running weather for a zoom around the downs and a quick tour of the castle grounds !

Local Chichester runner James Baker won (again) this year - although he did mention that he was slower than previous years, perhaps he runs better in the pouring rain ? Whilst it's harder to get the exposure right - I'd rather it was sunny all the same.

Lots of crowds as ever filled the town centre for the finish straight and the last gasp sprint up the small hill, although I noted the absence of the face in the window above the shops that I've seen for the past four years.

So, remember pictures are free to download and use as you like for personal use only - so don't go giving them to Runners World, them boys have to pay, but you lovely people can publish them on facebook, twitter or whatever the recent most popular in thing is that photos get put on, even Flickr. Enjoy.

backlit, and thumbs up at 1k

competitive sprinting at the finish

Graham is stalking me I'm sure - two days two races

next magazine cover photo ?

blowing me kisses gets your photo in the blog

The legend that is Jacko gives it everything

James Baker with his Mum, so now you know - it's her fault he beats you

Our very own  - last of the summer wine

The Castle keep from the inside
Gallery live here:

until next time (soon),  go carefully.

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