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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Pilgrim Marathon and Half Marathon 2011 - now live

 The Gallery for the 2011 Farnham Pilgrim Marathon and Half Marathon is now live and online with over 18,000 images for you to search and buy from here: 

The race results from Sports Timing Solutions are available here:

Big contratulations to the Rotary Club of Farnham Wayside on another well marked and marshalled race - with superb co-ordination across such a large race distance.

With the weather forecast looking 50/50 between bleak and very nice as a low pressure rotated gently over london and drifted eastward, the risk of rain from Wales coming south and catching the race was uncertain. At the Challenge Henley triathon only about 25 miles away and almost due north of the race it lashed it down for much of the morning, so wet weather gear was adopted just in case.

It proved however to be a near perfect day with the temperature staying in the 16 to 18 DegC range, no really harsh sunshine and almost no breeze to talk of - until much later in the day when it decided to rain really hard at the finish from about 2pm. The upshot of this was the first runners home were making good time with the marathon winner exactly 10 minutes faster than last year - and the overall times indicating just how tough an off-road route this is compared to a flat road course.
Leader at four miles into the half was 5 minutes early - zooming

Only a little rain at the finish later
A quick summary of the results winners:

Half Marathon Mens winner:
Graham Robinson 
Sandhurst Joggers 
Chip 01:23:07
Gun 01:23:22
Half Marathon womens winner:
Sarah Rollins 
Aldershot & Farnham District 
Chip 01:33:37
Gun 01:33:53

Full Marathon Mens winner:
Rupert Shute 
Reading Road Runners 
Chip 03:02:23
Gun 03:02:24

Full Marathon Womens winner:
Sarah Hill 
Farnham Runners 
Chip 03:26:41
Gun 03:26:43

The three Amigos, Mostly Canadian
 This was the second ever running of the Pilgrim Marathon and Half Marathon, with 303 and 490 competitors finishing each race respectively, an increase on last years numbers.

 If you want to see the route - have a look here: Google Map Route of Pilgrim Marathon
Happy having conquered St. Marthas (in the background)
 As one runner noted - "there's pubs all the way along this route!" the answer being - well it is the Pilgrims Way...
Rain closing in from the distance at Puttenham Common
We always try to get your best side. Requests accomodated.

Taking the salute at 11 miles

Running around the viewpoint at Puttneham common

Run Happy !

Job done - Achievement secured !

It's easy to look relaxed and run apparently

What did he forget ?

Not going so well at that particular point

I have no idea what happened, I'm just an observer. Looks like fun though.

Taxi to Puttenham common please

9 miles after St.Marthas - and a bit more concerned

Shared congratulations and achievement at the end

 So, the direct link to the gallery is here, enjoy: 

 Until next time

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