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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Herts 10k 2011 now live

Herts 10K Challenge - home

The Herts 10k 2011

Yet another great event organised by Sinead and the team raising money for Grove House Hospice.
Sponsored by Levy Associates who pay for all the costs it means all the entry fees and funds raised go straight to Grove House. How good is that ? You can always add a bit more...

Over 20,000 images from Sundays race are now available here for your race memento : 

A special thanks to Hayley, Seb and Sally who worked long and hard with me to edit through the 50Gb of data and images to get this folder online so quickly from Sunday afternoon to 3am this morning. Each image is looked at and assessed and then captioned with the race numbers that are in focus. Just enter your race number into the search box and you should be able to see your images quickly and easily ready to be ordered.

Hidden in the crowd ?
With over 2000 finishers there are always going to be practical difficulties with crowding and a clear view to see people - despite 4 photographers around the course and an average of 10 photos each ! If you can't find yourself, check the results and then search for the race numbers of the people who were just ahead of you - you should hopefully find yourself in the background somwhere !
If you can't find yourself easily - also check "000" as that's what we use when you have a flappy number, it's dropped off or hidden on your back! We do trawl through the results to put in a best guess if you are next to someone else with a number we can read.

Busy at the start ? - here's my iphone video from just under my camera: almost 5 minutes of people starting ! That's what 2000 people look like on the run...apologies for my commentary - I should put some music over that !

And they are off... 2000 people start

Respect to the chap from local radio from Watford, who borrowed some shoes to get going.

Fantastic scenic views along the course

Thumbs up vote for a great sunday morning

The front of the feather boa conga

Extreme running

Interesting Tshirt, and the sweet irony of the smile

Big waves out on the course

Tight sprinting at the finish

Chariots of fire

Happy days

floating into the finish

Always wave to the crowd, after all - they had to wait for you !
Well done to everyone at the Grove House team in making this happen - it's no small feat and is one of the largest 10k's that we attend every year. Truly excellent organisation.

Gallery here now: 

Right now, onto the Surrey Badger cataloguing - should be fine, I've had 4hrs sleep. yaay !
Until then, enjoy this gallery and well done !

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1 comment:

  1. Wow, I loved their shirt. Nice design and they taking it seriously. Congratulations to all the participants for a great job well done. Looking forward always.


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