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Monday, 23 April 2012

Clandon Park 10k and Fun Run now live

The Clandon Park 10k and Fun Run race photos are now live and online here:

Covering this event is always a special one, and with the rain holding off and the great turn out - this years race was raising funds for the new astro-turf pitch at the George Abbott school where it is hosted.

It is the kind of event that helps us to reassure ourselves why people run and why we take photos of people running. I've always said that I take photos for people when they are playing sport because they make people happy. Of course that's a pretty broad brush - I've seen a few photos that have not made people happy - but they are few and far between. Photos of people playing sport instantly counjour up the person, who they are and what they are about very succinctly, I guess that's why so many people use them as their avatar on facebook and twitter too - and it's always very warming to see our work being used this way by people who use their pictures to positively identify themselves this way.

So as a philosophy - haveing a job where your goal is to make people happy, it's good to be at a race where there are so many people running around with smiles on their faces.
I have halved the number of pictures I chose for this blog, because simply there were too many people smiling to pick from in the first place.

It was the next morning when I was listenting to the radio on my way to deepest chiltern hills that I heard about this report on the radio:

Some inspiring stories on there, and whilst I know what I do will never match up to the things done by the people on that list, it's nice to know that somewhere out there these things are being watched and valued in society today. I'll keep doing my little bit to contribute into the make people happy by running corner of the world, and hopefully people like Linda, Toby and Rory who organise the races like the Clandon Park Run will also do their bit to make you that little bit happier too!

And finally - remember - you run faster when you smile - just look at this lot !!

The next rides and races organised by the same team can be found here:
So if you want to make yourself even happier - get out and get entered !

Until next time

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