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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

HONC 2012 pictures now live

If you haven't spotted by now then the annual bike fest that is HONC (Hell of the North Cotswolds) is now live and online here:

HONC is a 50k or 100k off road endurance bike ride around the hills of Winchcombe, Cheltenham and the Cotswolds. More information can be found on the website here:
It's hilly muddy, wet and hilly. Did I mention the hills ? A lot of it is on track lanes with high hedges at the side stop a lot of amazing panorama shots, so it's a devil of a job to catch the action in the mud and water along the ride without getting run over.

So for those of you of a cycling mind but with a road bike - then you might like this one next Sunday - over near the Chilterns :

The youth of today never had it so good

Up that last climb to the top

All the way from Essex for the day, special gloves too.

Mud, lots of it. Not good for cameras, but fun for bikes

release cleats !, release cleats! oops.

You stay cleaner the faster you go

Support throughout the course
Over the years this tree has been grown specially to hide people taking the bridge instead of the water

The water is far far more fun

Until next time, enjoy the gallery !


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