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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Worthing Tri 2012 and Brutal10 Bramshott now live

Brutal Bramshott 2012 - now live and online

Raw Energy Pursuits - Worthing Tri 2012 race gallery with free downloads now live and available here


To come soon - Bewl Tri 2012 -

Saturday morning saw a sunny outing down the A3 to the Military training grounds based near Bramshott for the Brutal 5k, 10k and 21k (half marathon) distances. Not a wet one this time, just hills, and undergrowth, more hills and some nice flat bits. 
With a warmup that included the dieing fly, the sun shone (probably a bit too much) and the challenge was on.   
Again, the Brutal 10 proved to be one of the best marked out and fair challenges of human endeavour available on a Saturday morning. Excellent work once again - and the next one is in October - don't miss out !
Always pay attention at the race briefing
Always follow the instructors lead...
And hey presto - the instructors word is followed correctly
excellent Mo-bot technique
Mo-bots on the morning before he did the 5k and completed the Gold double

Freed from the wheel Sy made it up the steepest of hills (check the drop off in the background)

Only three people cheated with K9 hill assist power
strong going through the 19k mark

Shoot the burning arrow of Bolt

Total relief after 21k of Brutal Hills

So after that it was a 5am start to get to the Worthing Tri in time for the 6:40 start for the 2013 European Age group qualifiers and standard triathlon.
 It started off very promising with the Sun breaking over the worthing horizon, swimmers frolicking in a deap pancake flat sea, and then the wind came up, the clouds came over and it got a bit colder. But probably perfect for doing a bit of exercise, apart from the headwind bit. Hats and coats back on, the action unravelled...

With the age group waves beeing set off first, and then teh Standard distance women, followed by the standard distance men. If last years winning margin of men v women was matched - it would be a dead heat between the genders - but with last years Male winner Colin Dixon out with injury, and this years female entry including UK Ironman winner Yvette Grice - it was looking from the outset like a win for the Ladies.

daybreak worthing
waterbreak worthing
hatching a cunning plan going into T1

good discipline for the bikes - no drafting but still busy
Tracey Harris adopts the position

Yvette Grice adopts the position
and on the way back
Alternative position #1
Alternative position #2
Lufbra fly in to the finish
Finish Position #2 from Tracey Harris
Finishing in position #1 - Yvette Grice
High Family Fives at the finish
Race faces at the finish

Getting her best side at the finish - what are friends for ?
Well done to Mick and the REP team on another slick operation with great logistics, fast results and excellent course control and commentary.
If you like the way that worked, then get yourself over to Vachery for the on road, or off road tri in a few weeks time:

 Right, aim to get through the final bit of the Bewl Triathlons tomorrow and then catch up on all the work from having the office shut last week. It's 2am now - here's to a bit of sleep,
until next time I hope you can find some Olympic replays on the tellybox.


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