Wednesday 15 August 2012

Bewl Tri 2012 gallery now live

Photos from the Bewl Tri 2012 are online here -
, the sharper eyed amongst you (about a thousand of you) will have found them yesterday afternoon (on Tuesday), via our twitter feed @uksportphoto or facebook page updates.

Perfect weather and an almost full reservoir made for ideal conditions for the first Bewl Triathlon organised by Team Lifestyle

Full race results are here for both the standard and sprint distances.

Well done to Paul, Tom and Natalie on organising this inaugural race and making it a great success !

Wheres the water ? There's been a drought you know.
It's over there !

Going for it out of the water and off to the bikes
Out of the saddle and past the Priory - not stopping there. yet.
Remember, it's Wiggo sideburns for cycling, Mobot is for running.

Strong out of T2 for a quick 10k
Signage confusion - Bolt arrow or the Mobot ? answer - awkward.

keeping form on the reservoir run course

enjoying the days sport

competitor 74 expresses his horror at lack of visible race numbering, and pointless use of Tri Belt

Skipping into the finish after a wonderful race

Aaand relax.
'pologies if you have to search through 000 or 'standard' or 'sprint' to find your swim exit and other race photos - but we can only index images where we can see race numbers. Tri belts are 'king useless on this matter as are shoulder body numbers covered with wetsuits (this is not Hawaii and it is not Tri suit weather for swimming - shoulder numbering is an elite race requirement only - for the video media)

The simplest solution is the back of both hands (no wetsuits cover the hands and swim caps get taken off too early), and then for the bike - helmet numbers on the front and left shin (so you can read it from the front nearside) are the best places.

We do try our best to use race timing results to match the time of photo to the time of crossing a timing mat, but when it's busy (three or four at a time) then that theory goes out of the window, but it has been known to help index entire race galleries where numbering seems to have been "optional".

Conversely if you do have clear numbering - we are often the first people the race timing companies come to for verification - we were able to sort out three finishers at another triathlon this weekend whos chips didn't register - but ONLY because we could see and read their race numbers, and we have been known to compile a complete set of results for the odd half marathon where it's all gone awry. 

So - race numbers - are there for a purpose, please ensure that they can be seen - after all - that's what the rules say. Fancy being DQ'd because of no number on the front during the run ? - Never make me the race referee - that is all.

Last call for entries this Sunday 19th August:

Sprint Tri - at Crystal Palace :
Middle Distance Tri - at Ely :
Sprint and Standard Tri - at Shiplake / Henley :

Don't forget in two weeks time 
Arundel Castle 10:
Vachery Triathlon festival:
Canterbury Half Marathon:

Finally - anyone got any good birthday present suggestions for a 5year old Daughter next week ? (#thatwentquicklydidn'tit) suggestions to

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