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Monday, 3 December 2012

Hogs Back 2012 - now live - free downloads


The Hogs Back Road Race gallery is now live and online with free downloads here:
brought to you courtesy of race sponsors Guildford and Godalming AC

456 hardy souls decided that Sunday and it's frosty morning was the day for a run up and over the Hogs Back - the large long hill to the west of Guildford. At 11.7km the new safer (no major A31 main road) route is a bit over a kilometre shorter than the old route (at 8.2miles) and starts and finishes at Loseley House - going over to Guildford and then up and along the Hogs Back, past the TV masts and then descending through Compton and back into the House - along the tree lined avenue to cross the finish line.

Here's a route we put on google  so using the same Hill as before, just a slightly different way up it and probably that bit safer without the main road !

Three of us tackled the photography this year - with low bright contrasty sun and a route that is almost entirely in and out of shade - Getting exposures spot on for a runner that is in shade and bright backlit one step, and in bright light with a dark background on the next step - is very difficult. Add that to the seasonal preference for black clothes and faces being bathed in the bright sun and you can start to play all sorts of tricks on the back of the camera settings to try to get it right - none of which will make any difference to the fact that the darks are too dark and the light areas are too light and it's all far far too contrasty. Winter sun eh ? who'd have thought I'd be complaining.

The race itself was won by (results here - )
Tom Robertson (#476), in 40:52 and Tish Jones (#296) in 44:03.
Tish had fought off a particularly hard challenge from Jenny Jagger (#283) 44:06 by only 3 seconds at the finish having been behind on the hill climb up to the Hogs Back.  Fiona Love (#339) put in an awesome sprint finish for 45:36. Ben Evans brought the home team Guildford and Godalming AC back in a respectable 2nd place with 41:28

The blog earlier this morning had most of the dates for your diary that you might need if you are looking for a race between now and January, however the only other one date you shouldn't forget is this one  as I know many of you are a)too committed to work or b)too committed to running. Make sure the life-work balance is sorted !!

Also as part of this public service announcement - don't forget the last day for second class post is Tuesday the 18th December

We have four more races this year, which will take our total to 148, and at the end of October we had put over 1.2 million images online in 2012, so with November and December to add to that we might get near to the 1.5million for the year. That would be roughly 10,000 images per race gallery.
Thinking about this number for an event - and averaging how long it takes to browse the gallery - it means that the search function on the gallery saves each visitor about 51 minutes of just looking for themselves. If everyone browsed the gallery instead of using the search function - from our data logs - it suggests it would cost the UK economy about 5.39 Years of work. That's a lot of time saving the search function gives you!

So a special Christmas thank you to the team in the office of Holly, Hayley and Seb, and all the cataloguing they do after every race - without them we'd all just be staring at the internet wondering where things were.

Right - here's some piccys from the Hogs Back - not tons - they are all on free download anyway - enjoy !

A tidy start from the front drive at Losely House

Tish made the sprint finish to win the womens race by 3 seconds from the  white tshirted Jenny in the background 

Carmine Membrino gives the victory salute at the finish

That picturesque tree tunnel at the end

Tom Robertson took the win in 40:52

Paul Wells points out the orange thingy in the sky that was missing all summer.

Airplanes to Olivers 

Always time for a good mobot !

The Hogs Back Road Race gallery is now live and online with free downloads here:

Right until next time - a mucky ice breaking brutal on saturday, after a week of 2013 planning and tax admin,


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