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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Bolt, Paddock Wood, Bournemouth Bay and Sussex Marathon 2013 - Photo Galleries now live

Well done to everyone at this weekends races - the weather was finally quite nice (although a bit of a cold wind in Bournemouth) with the hazy sun starting to cheer everyone up a bit.

We had a total of 1 marathon, 4 half marathons, 2x10km, 2x5km and 2x1km races across four locations - so thank you for your patience if we've taken an extra few hours to get through over 100,000 images taken and cataloguing them all. For those in the know - yes we do it all by hand (the automated ones simply don't work well enough), and we like to get it right so you the search facility works properly and all your photos are in focus !
Bolt Round the Holt - 21k, 10k, 5k, 1k

Paddock Wood Half Marathon
Profits go to the Race Charities

Bournemouth Bay Run - Half, 10k 5k and 1k fun run
Profits go to the BHF

Sussex Marathon and Half Marathon

Notable performances this weekend were the new course record at Paddock Wood by Frank Tickner on his first ever Half Marathon in 1:05:06, the fifth win over the same course for Tina Oldershaw who improved her Seasons best to 1:20:57. Over at Bournemouth the Half Marathon was won by Steven Way in 1:07:54 only some 8minutes and 2 seconds ahead of second place... that's over a mile and a half lead... not too shabby. With a marathon time of 2:19:04 last year for Steven Way as a point of comparison it will be interesting to see what Mr Tickner might manage if he decided to increase his endurance and range.

OK, so that's enough of the stats and words, we all know we like a bit of pictures, so last few points of note:

1. Not much on for us this weekend coming except some Mountain Bike or duathlon action at HONC and the new Hurtleberry

2. Some of you will be doing the Brighton Marathon, (good luck !) to which given the spring like forecast I can only wish you the best of luck, don't overheat, and don't get too cold waiting at the start when it will be 4 degrees and you'll want a cup of tea to keep warm. Consider the big bin bag top to keep warm in the park. We don't cover that one, although we did the press photos for them in the first year and that's another story altogether. Suffice to say you'll have a different company to enjoy for your post race photos, and their prices for their 3MPixel images are indeed different to ours, I say no more. Have a  good one and try to enjoy the party through the pain !! :-)

3. The Clandon Park Run - in Guildford on a Saturday 20th April has free race downloads and there will be three of us covering the race - so if nothing else it's worth the entry fee alone just to get your free photos, which would save you £5 even after paying the entry fee of £15. Plus its a great course around some parts of Clandon Park you never really get to go to.

4. The Raw Energy Pursuits Bluebell run on Sunday 21st April  is 10k and 10mile on Sunday takes place in the early morning so if you're quick enough you'll still have time to watch the end of the London Marathon - and they do free race downloads too, so you'll save £5 overall and have all your photos after paying for the entry fee here too ! Very good luck to everyone at London too !

So, here's some shots from across the weekends action, and enjoy the rest of the week !

when you go down to the woods today...

that slightly stressy feeling when you realise you've got to take a picture of every single one

allez up !

when you win, you can do this.

Always wave to your adoring fans

Finish Gantry up ahead. A study in sunglasses.

Always good to see other races we cover and their T-shirts. Haywards Heath Downland Challenge anyone ?

High Five your fans - every time !

always good to make it back to the finish and the family after the half

Gangham stylee

Need coverage ? Any time day or night, Sebs available. All missions accepted; special forces, police, council,  private investigations, and weddings. contact @sebajfdaly in confidence. Marital Status: elusive

Giants jumping in Sussex

Fetch everyone and look what turns up !

Sponge Bob v Gangham Style

Putting your numbers on the front properly will stop this type of blatant flirting ending up on the Fetch Gallery...

I can see who's got the better technique here

bada bing bada boom

You can share your problems with friends on a run. But remember - "less talking and more application" gets you there faster

Jack Nicholson has had a good winters training and is now back on the race scene

do anything you can to raise charity funds - thumbs up !

Taxi to Paddock wood please. Yes be discreet.

for a change - just the right temperature

Cheryl Baker (centre) and her friends made their mind up to enter the race quite some time ago

Again, that feeling "we're going to get a shot of every single one of you at the end..."

Making 65 minutes for a half look easy. 

Taking a tommy tangent at the finish to see your friends...

fly into the finish, never stop to soon

victory bounce

Running is a family thing

All good at the start of the Bolt

1000 meters of problems to go and 99 ain't seeing one of them

Easing down from a great win in the 10k

Like this Mum...

Even winners have concentratey faces. That's why they win.

Fetch Batman

Good to turn out in the charity top for the BHF

The classic Steyning Tri T-shirt - far too cool for just running in...

even overshooting the turn didn't really make much difference to Frank

Remember the "S" for your next YMCA rendition

It's easy really

Bovvered ? Me ? Do I look it ? 
So, until next time have a good April and enjoy the better weather when it gets here.
See you soon,

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