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Monday, 17 June 2013

The Hurt #1 2013 - gallery now live

Morning !

Only the Saturday this weekend of being out and about, because Sunday was the two large other things going on namely the Windsor Tri, and the London to Brighton bike ride and we don't cover either of those (not for want of people asking us too - please go talk to the organisers for us!), and in other news it was Fathers day, which for once I thought would be nice to enjoy, which I did (despite the early morning rain here) so that was a bit of a result too !

So Saturday it was a rude 6am up and off to the correctly named "the Hurt" - a 12k of hills. Big ones, but also a lot of very steep small ones - which from a running point of view - well, they Hurt.

Coincidentally it's also run in a woods called the "Hurtwood", near a small village called Peaslake in Surrey (there are no Peas, and no Lake).
To find out more go here: and if you fancy a nice place for a walk that really is in the middle of nowhere with some great views - and you're not running a race - give it a visit.

Race Race Gallery Link

I've recently had a great deal of feedback (ok, at least three people at events) tell me recently that this blog is the only one they read, mainly due to the pictures, and the (sometimes witty) captions. Thank you to all three of you, I sincerely mean that. As I often reply - those captions are written late at night when the Editor has gone to bed and I'm usually hallucinating after a 20hr day in the effort to get the blog done so it lands in the inbox world when you get into another day of corporate "life" (I use the term "life" advisedly, well that was my experience).
This blog is therefore doomed not to be as witty as I'm writing it in the morning and made it to bed before 1AM, although at the moment the Editor is out. I will continue to be as professional as ever.

Also, please - if you want to send me feedback, comments, ideas, jokes (clean ones), but not pictures of your cat or dog, then feel free to send them to me here: 
Next weekends races we have the following for you to enter if you are still all a whimsy:
  1. F3Events Sprint and Olympic Triathlon at Marlow
  2. The Events to Live Poulsden Lacey 10k, and the 
  3. Back2TheTrenches race 2
Places are still open for the weekend after that too at the end of June with these two Blue Ribband events:
If you really need your mind checking out, or want to mush it up, then there's always the Brutal Enduro - an overnight 12hr festival of running, running, and more running. We're not going to be there, but they always put on great events - so worth checking out, (especially if you're an insomniac). (here's the route)

Here's a few photos from Saturdays "Reign of Pain" at the Hurt...

Hills are easy - you only have to run up them !

Robert Carlyle, aka Renard from the 007 World is not Enough

Running upside down made to look easy

Wrong music, he'd thought he had put in the Kate Bush album "Hounds of Love" (including Running up *that* Hill), but ended up with "Wuthering Heights"...(Why oh Why oh Why? Unbelievable!)

It didn't Hurt this much, honest

Nail me up now, it will hurt less.

The expression of doom when I mentioned the corporate "be the best you can be" motivational speech (or words to that effect). For the record, she gave the correct answer...

Sy broke the finish arch

He forgave us for our trespasses

thigh burning, hill climbing, hurt

In "Predator view", you can see the deep red where it's Hurting - mostly the thighs.

And the first hill at 1k wasn't too steep either..

Yaay ! Downhills too !

and when the sun came out it made for some great victoriana style silhouette photography

double victory along the quite well worn path

Flying towards the finish with 1k to go on the 24k race. Did I mention - you can do it twice if you wanted to ?!!

So on that note, I hope you all have a great Monday lunchtime, and hope to see you at a race again soon !!

Until next time

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