Monday 24 June 2013

F3 Marlow Tri, Back 2 the Trenches, ETL Poulsden Lacey 10k 2013 now live

Hi there,

I hope you managed to have a good weekend of it, either you were at the South of England Champs down the track, or watching Mo burn it up at Gateshead, or even Charlie Grice come second in the 1500m on his international debut (in one of the most wacky races I've ever seen), or perhaps you were glad you too had not gone for the overnight Brutal Enduro (the solo winner did 90k in the time!) and were fresh for the Sundays fun...

Here are the latest galleries that are ready for your shock and awe:

Race Race Gallery link
ETL Poulsden Lacey 10k

The F3 Events Marlow River Tri
Back2thetrenches - Adventure Run
Back 2 the Trenches #2 - "No Man's Land"
(Live later this afternoon / evening)
Call for Entries
Next weekend is the Capital to Coast bike ride (Capital2Coast entry) from Kempton Park to Hove Lawns, or a few other circular routes as well as starting from the London Eye if you fancy the longer course (although I think that's full).

Also - it's the unmistakable Raw Energy Pursuits Worthing Tri, so go here to enter - last few places available for this top notch race, and real Open Sea swim !!

A variety of races on hand for Sunday - from Running, to Triathlon, to Muddy challenge there was something out there for everyone. Even the forecast rain seemed to stay away (I think I had about 20 seconds of rain at Marlow). Here's some shots from the Tri and the mud...

All go, 7am in the morning

Add subconcious "shloopop" sound

Swimming can make you have the munchies

280's Mum demonstrates his pedigree in the crossing

Even the dog squinted it's eyes in anticipation of being hit - fortunately it didn't

With a smart exit out of T1, it was a DQ for no helmet.

Getting ready for T1

Martyn on the run from something...

All good out of T2 with 5k to go

Out of T1? oops forgot the bike

Respect to the rules - number on the front - even if it meant wearing his vest backwards. *star*

Wave your hands in the air like you don't care


High five finishing

Lions tour hand off to score the try

The happy finishing pixie dance. Never seen before. Or ever again.

Mums Back !!

He almost lost the place because he was fumbling with the watch. Lesson for everyone - don't !

What's this called ? A hamstring ? Surely not...

The shared amazement at the finish

"You go and do it then if it's so easy" or words to that effect...

Commentator, demonstrates how not to look at a watch

Martyn gets permission for the prizes

The New Trophy Cups went down a treat

Correct way to hold a prize trophy and look into the lens

Overall winner of the Standard course - Jon Worcester in 2:02:06

Medals galore !

Martyn holding court at the pre-race briefing

That look that says "why are you taking our photos at the top of the hill?" "WHY!?"

Because of this, we love hills. They bring out your emotion :)

Busy up the hill and out of the saddle

Ready for the hill descent out of Marlow

Tidy and tucked for the aero decent

Looking formidablé.
Meanwhile over on the trenches:

your hosts for the day

faceplant potential, but not

excellent high hurdle technique

not even knee high water, easy to get through

mind the barbed wire

Carl enjoyed his time at the spa

W for winning

technically, left arm should be bent at the elbow more for this hurdle technique to pay dividends

Isn't that supposed to be a sandbag ?

Made it back !

zap !

Excellent team finish

The retro fancy dress look

I'm sure it's not that deep

the human supermarket checkout conveyor belt game

For the finish and the team

Until next time, when Seb will be doing the typing...
Enjoy the Tennis !


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