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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

The Ride of Hope, Bewl Tri, REP Adur Swim 2013

Race Logo Race Gallery link
The Ride of Hope 
The Bewl Triathlon
The REP Adur Swim - Free downloads

Future races you might be interested in... it's almost the start of the half marathon season...

Next Races Race Gallery link

Saturday 17th of August
17th of August : The 10th Pride 10k
The most running fun you can have near to the Olympic park...

Unfortunately - SOLD OUT !! (still a good race to go and watch though if you're not running - lots of laps and a lovely park too).

Saturday 17th of August
17th of August : The Brutal - Minley
Minley - "The Dry One" - no mud, just hills
The Arundel Castle 10k
Sunday 25th August - Free race downloads
The only chance you get to run through the castle !
Canterbury Half Marathon
Bank Holiday Monday 26th August - Rolling hills through the Canterbury countryside

Then a little further into the future: 
These races go through September to November - so have a click on the links for more information and get entered before they fill up. 
September Races

ETL Bacchus Half and Full Marathon
Maidenhead Half Marathon
Pilgrim Half and Full Marathon
Firle Half Marathon  - free race photos !
Chestnut Tree House 10k
Tonbridge Half Marathon
Ealing Half Marathon
Folkestone Half Marathon
F3 Henley Half Marathon
October Races

Basingstoke Half Marathon
Clarendon Half and Full Marathon
Chichester Half Marathon
Maidstone Half Marathon
Abingdon Full Marathon - race full
Beachy Head Marathon
November Races

Grand Union Canal Half Marathon

This weeks blog gallery is the Ride of Hope...

So the Ride of Hope, what's that all about ? 
Well Rick decided to organise it and asked us along - the whole idea of a 12hr spin cycle sounded like a very long time in a washing machine drying out, but in fact it was 12hours of hard static cycling to raise money for Cancer Research.
So 12 Spin classes, in the Brighton Centre, back to back, to raise money for Cancer research.
DId you have to do all twleve sessions ? no ! - some people turned up and did the first 2, 4, 1 or 6 hours. Others came and did a quick wizz in the middle, others did the last two sessions. So far over £8000 has been raised - check out the website facebook page for the latest updates 
I'm not sure how Rick did it, but he got the Brighton centre for free (!!), the spin bikes for free, hand cranks, intructors, staging, etc etc - so everything raised went to the charity. Actually, you just booked a place by donating to the charity - so he had to do it for free ! awesome - something I've never seen done before.
At only £5 per 1hr session - so probably the cheapest spin class you'll ever get too !! book yourself up for next year now.
Also big respect to the 13 who managed to ride through all 12 sessions of full on spin. Drip trays next year under those bikes !!
Also - many thanks to the team at Studio57Clinic who patched my shoulder back together with tape - 12hrs of holding the camera started to take it's toll, I couldn't have done it without you !

So there's a few shots of that cycling, hand cranking, charity fund raising madness:
This is Rick Goodchild, it's all his fault ok !

Hand crank anyone ? Standing up, or...

you can Hand Crank sitting down

Kaz at Ride 1, doing ok !

Hours of silly happyness, and endurance

Elle, reattaching someone's leg for charity 

The view from the left

and the view of the hall from the right.

All ages, all types, gave it their all, all day

Mum (left) forced her along, but she enjoyed it !

You can smile and exercise !

He ground it out for 6 hours on the bike and the hand cranks

Top table team - getting the heart rates behind them up to the yellow zone

Friends rode together

Mascots were allowed !

Intense instruction, no easy spins in this lot

Thumbs up, but it was only spin 2 !!!

Smiling away, the view from the handlebars

Great AV set-up for good music and effort 

Friends taking a break encouraged others to keep turning

It became all too much for some as cramp set in

Many people wisely brought a change of clothes through the 12hrs

Hit 98% effort on the HR monitor and you too can look like this !

The international instructor team, the charity, the stage was set

Rick rides the last session, and it starts to sink in

A busy setup for the last ride

Raffle winner - yes she won the bike !!

The full 12hr entrants take stage front

Ricky does his Rocky

Entry Registration, from just £5 a ride for ROH#4 next year if you get in early 

Even Brighton Bootcamp had a go and got stuck in !

So if you're going to need something to do next year - check out their website and get entered  (or just donate).

The Bewl Triathlon started early on Sunday morning, at 7am, so a 4:30 alarm call and off to Bewl Water to join Team lifestyle for the second ever running of this race - with over 400 entries on the day.
Perfect conditions on the full reservoir, with transition and the finish moved to the top car-park to allow more space away from the waterside Dam.

Out on the ride - the gaps show the no drafting rules seemed to be all in order

yes, very flat around the reservoir, not hilly at all !

Fast out of the water on the matting

high-fives into the finish

good pace out of T2 for CPT and out on the run

Time to find a parking space

The face pain of running after a hard ride

Good to see a 7Oaks team making it round to the finish looking strong

Run hard, and still not managed to wipe that look of his face

It's a really nice place to go for a swim, but you can only do it as part of this tri !
Well done to Tom and the Team Lifestyle team on another great event - you can enter their next race the Big10k at Bexhill on the 29th of September.

Mick and the REP put on their second Adur 2.5k and 3.5k swim races on Sunday, timed for a nice 2:45pm start to coincide with the tide times. Perfect blue skies down at the cost down on Shoreham shore at the Adur Outdoor Activity Centre made for a lovely event with a close friendly atmosphere.

The start of the 3.5k, out to seaward direction and then back.

out under the bridge to Shoreham and then back up the river
Nick Finch, (white cap) leads the 3.5k swim past the waiting 2.5k starters and gets a round of applause

Nick Finch, in for the win, even his friends Dog wants a piece of him

Anthony made a good race of it for Tuff Fitty

92 Nikki Gatland 2nd overall in the 2.5k swim for Tuff Fitty and no wetsuit..

A Dad takes on his sons congratulations...

a good clean exit from the clear waters

Waving thanks to the Marshals on the canoes

Crowds lined all along the bridge to watch the action

Clean tasting fresh water

Nikki gets the thumbs up to call the harbour master and give the all clear after the race

The race centre, slipway and the 2.5k swim getting ready to go in

Well done everyone on perfect weather, good racing and yet another boutique event - only for the well informed and wise of choice !
p.s. Thanks to Tam for the Oat Hut flapjacks - delicious.

Right, that's more than enough blogging for one day, bills to pay, people to see, and plans to make.
Hope to see you at the next races sometime very very soon, and hope you've enjoyed some of the summer and had a bit of a break.

Until next time,

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