Tuesday 30 July 2013

The Hurt3 and Purple Patch DTUF Half 2013 now live

Just the two events from the weekend - both very popular and in perfect conditions, if you missed them then make sure you put a date in your diary for next years, all had excellent turnouts and great feedback from everyone who took part.

Here are the gallery links:



We're downing tools for a brief summer break this weekend, but then it's back at it for the rest of the year... I'm going to try to find out what having a weekend off is all about as we've not had one yet this year.
Otherwise I hope you're enjoying the sun and the little bits of rain we're having at the moment.

Future Events
- we know you will like !
Entry website pages
The Ride of Hope
10th of August
On a Saturday, so you can still do your normal race on sunday !

12 Spin classes, 1hr each, do them all, do one, do some, do the hard class, do the easy one - the largest group spin (or bring your turbo) in Europe - get involved and help raise money for charity ! http://bit.ly/the-ride-of-hope Ideal if you're training for a triathlon, and more sociable than watching videos at home ! and its on a Saturday !
11th of August

11th of August : The Adur Swim and/or 10k Run

11th of August

11th of August : The Bewl Triathlon (Sprint or Standard)

Saturday 17th of August

17th of August : The 10th Pride 10k
The most running fun you can have near to the Olympic park...

Saturday 17th of August

17th of August : The Brutal - Minley

Minley - "The Dry One" - no mud, just hills

Here's a few shots from the Purple Patch DTUF Half Marathon for you to see just how happy a race it was !
By the way - there's a new rule - if you pull a move, funny face, mobot or bolt, wave or thumbs up - you have to buy your copy and share it on facebook ! (other social websites are available..)

beating the course, calm and controlled

ecstatic double thumbs up 

far too cool double thumbs up

oops, just remembered something

If I can ever look this relaxed in a half marathon I'll be pleased
The joy of winning

trophy shirt

"Yes, Taxi back to Marlow please..."

Dogs don't mix that well near finish lines

She's done DTUF four times now !

Extreme relief at the finish !

Waving to the family - yes - job done !

Excellent finish !

Thumbs up finish

Surprised and pleased in one expression

Daddy the victor !

Doing a "Julie Andrews" on the course

Still all ok ? Yep, you're doing fine !

There was a small bear loose near Dorney lake locks...

A sense of victory, even only at 2 miles...

Jumping for joy with a mile left to go !
Right that's it, time to pay the staff, clear the orders, sort out the tax and get ready for a weekend off. Let me know how your weekend goes, and try not to get caught out by the horrendous road closures in Surrey and South london with this thing: http://www.prudentialridelondon.co.uk/ this weekend.

Call me cynical, but I remind you that the Michelin guide was invented to get drivers out of Paris to puncture their tyres and drive up sales (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michelin_Guide). Here we have a major insurer encouraging lots and lots of bike riding. Can you see the link yet ?

It is however interesting to see sponsored free photos, and I'll happily point out that we were the first event photography company to start that for mass participation events :-) and continue to provide this service - if you're interested in how it works and what we can do for your brand or company - then please get in touch info@sussexsportphotography.com it's at least ten times more effective than traditional event sponsorship...

Until next time !

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