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Monday, 30 December 2013

Brutal Longmoor 2013 and Year End

The Tank Wallow. Scared of the cold ? go round the edge !

That's the last race for the year !
The Brutal Longmoor Gallery is live and online with a fully searchable gallery with almost 20,000 images for you to enjoy.
Another great race from the Brutal Team, with over 500 runners on the day across the two distances - including over 100 on the day entries that obviously felt the need to shift a spare mince-pie or two. I think they probably succeeded if they did the 16k course.
If you want to get more of a feeling for all things Brutal - get over to their facebook page here: and give them some great feedback !

Logo Gallery Link

Now live almost 20,000 images from the Brutal Longmoor 2013 :

Last chances !
If you have not got some of your 2013 memories yet - then these galleries are still live - but they are going to be archived from the oldest first (at the bottom of the list), so don't miss out. Once they are archived we can only retrieve them with your race number and they will cost more - so get yours now !
Free download races are not free once they have been archived - so get those now too, in ten years time you will appreciate that you got them now when you could - don't regret it later !

2013 Galleries still live
Date Event
28/12/2013 Brutal Longmoor 2013
15/12/2013 RPAC Holly Run 2013
08/12/2013 Seaford Mince Pie 10 2013
08/12/2013 The Hogs Back 2013
01/12/2013 Thetford MTB Race2 2013
01/12/2013 Jigsaw Run 2013
24/11/2013 ETL Molehills 2013
17/11/2013 Brighton 10k 2013
16/11/2013 Brutal Long Valley 2013
10/11/2013 Grand Union Half 2013
10/11/2013 Poppy Half 2013
03/11/2013 Thetford MTB Race1 2013
03/11/2013 AAT Loseley 10k 2013
03/11/2013 LBVCR 2013
26/10/2013 Beachy Head Marathon 2013
20/10/2013 Cabbage Patch 10 2013
20/10/2013 Abingdon Marathon 2013
20/10/2013 ETL Denbies 10 2013
19/10/2013 Back 2 The Trenches #3 2013
19/10/2013 Brutal Woolmer 2013
13/10/2013 Kellystore Run 2013
13/10/2013 Givaudan Ashford 10k 2013
13/10/2013 Maidstone Half 2013
13/10/2013 Chichester Half 2013
13/10/2013 Herts 10k 2013
06/10/2013 Clarendon Marathon 2013
06/10/2013 Warrior Run 2 2013
06/10/2013 Cambridge Town and Gown 10k 2013
06/10/2013 Reading O2O 10k 2013
06/10/2013 Basingstoke Half 2013
05/10/2013 Dusk 2 Dawn 2013
29/09/2013 F3 Henley Trail Half 2013
29/09/2013 Folkestone Half 2013
29/09/2013 Ealing Half 2013
28/09/2013 AAT Echo Challenge 2013
22/09/2013 Tonbridge Half 2013
15/09/2013 Chestnut 10k 2013
15/09/2013 REP Firle 2013
15/09/2013 Pilgrim 2013
08/09/2013 Alice Holt 2013
08/09/2013 PP Maidenhead Half 2013
08/09/2013 ETL Bacchus 2013
07/09/2013 AAT Hard as Snails 2013
01/09/2013 Newbury Tri 2013
01/09/2013 Tri Together 2013
26/08/2013 Canterbury Half 2013
25/08/2013 Arundel 10k 2013
24/08/2013 F3 Festival of Sport 2013
17/08/2013 Brutal Minley 2013
17/08/2013 Pride 10k 2013
11/08/2013 Bewl Tri 2013
11/08/2013 REP Adur Swim 2013
10/08/2013 The Ride of Hope 2013

New Races for you to enter in 2014

Call for entries:Race Entry links for selected races:

some of these still need filling in !
JAN 2014
1st Wednesday - Serpentine NYD 10k sold out
5th Sun - Sussex XC Champs @Bexhill
18th Sat - G3#1 - Guildford free race gallery downloads
19th Sun - Fred Hughes 10miles
25th Sat - SEAA XC Champs Parliament Hill
26th Sun - Epsom Perch
26th Sun - Canterbury 10
FEB 2013
2nd Sun - Watford Half
2nd Sun - Ashford and District 10k
2nd Sun - ETL Bookham 10k
9th Sat - G3#2 - Guildford free race gallery downloads
9th Sun - Deal Half Marathon
15th Sat - Brutal - Windmill Hill
16th Sun - (Brighton Half Marathon)
23rd Sun - Hampton Court Half Marathon
MARCH 2014
Sat 1st - G3#3 - Guildford free race gallery downloads
Sun 2nd - Berkhampstead Half Marathon
Sun 2nd - Steyning Stinger
free race gallery downloads
Sun 9th - Roding Valley Half Marathon
Sun 9th - Surrey Half Marathon
Sun 9th - Lydd Half Marathon
Sat 15th - Brutal Bordon
Sat 15th - F3 Dorney Half Marathon
Sun 16th - Colchester Half Marathon
Sun 16th - ETL Tempest 10 and Spitfire 20
Sun 16th - Cranleigh 15-21
Sun 23rd - Richmond 13.1 and 10k
Sun 23rd - Back 2 the Trenches #1
Sun 23rd - PP Water of Life Half Marathon
Sun 23rd - Brentwood Half Marathon
Sun 30th - Warrior Run #1
Sun 30th - Paddock Wood Half Marathon
Sun 30th - BHF Bournemouth Half Marathon

more to follow...

Having read the above fixture lists thoroughly, posted your feedback on the Brutal 10 to them on facebook, you may now enjoy the selection below :-)

It's just like Lourdes, only err, cooler.

Helpfully lending a hand to keep her hair dry

Double thumbs up man of steel

It was not that cold, or *that*deep

Ok, perhaps it was *that* deep

Brutal Runs offer contemplation, self finding, and discovery of the soul.

Puddle smashing fun !

Getting water out of ears after a quick swim

1 foot to touchdown

Bravehearted crossing of the 16k ditch

Just walk across the water, it's far easier and drier 

Fantastic bouquet from the course treats

His best "Running Free" Face

So cold, he turned blue...

Free from Santa for another year he enjoyed himself in a special way...

OK, who put this sand here ?
Year End
So, that's it for 2013, compared to 2012 we have covered almost the same number of races (150), and seen roughly the same number of competitors (just under 100,000) but have put up over 1.8 Million images, 30% up on last year, all fully searchable and quality checked before being put online !

Free Downloads
Almost 180,000 of those images were free downloads - something we know gets great feedback and is always appreciated by everyone at events, and something we love to do too - so thank you to the sponsors and event organisers who have helped us to do that for you over the past year. If we can do more we will - and if anyone has suggestions on how, please get in touch !

Unfortunately, like this year, we won't be at some races that we have covered in past years. Are we getting too big for our boots and not covering the smaller races ? No - Not really - some of the smaller races are excellent for us to cover - it simply comes down to which races sell enough images so that the minimum incremental costs of putting a gallery online is met (which consists of salaries, kit, fuel, office admin, etc the incremental business costs). So our apologies to all those races where we won't see you next year, it's been a blast and we hope to see you at any of the other 150 races we cover.

We already have a very full calendar for the first half of 2014, and we are now limiting ourselves to four events in any one day - this is so we can manage things effectively and get things online quickly and accurately - if you have 20 photographers working on one day it needs a bit of organisation to get all the images back (sometimes over 100,000 images in a day) and into the right places on time, let alone organise the teams to be in the right place at the right time...

Thank You
Finally a big thank you to all of you who have ordered or downloaded images legally from us this year - without you we would not exist ! Thank you for the likes, ratings, and shares on facebook, the re-tweets, replies and comments on twitter, all the emails, and all the shouts at races as you go past ! - they all are very valuable to us and motivate us to do more and do better every time we cover an event. They all mean a great deal to us.
Thank you !

Anthony and on behalf of the entire Sussex Sport Photography team Have a Happy New Year and 2014 !

Cheers and Happy New Year for 2014  !!
(alcohol free beer, and summer silly hat/protective equipment)


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