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Monday, 17 February 2014

Brutal Windmill Hill 2014 now live

Well done to everyone who conquered the Brutal 10 Windmill Hill on Saturday.
It's one of the hardest hilliest races on the Brutal Calendar, amongst the woods. A bit protected from the storms and rain that swept over the course putting it into near darkness, but not from the Canal crossing at the southernmost part of the race... 

Race Gallery link

We had four of the team out on the course for this one, what with it being part of the Mudstacle league we wanted to make sure we gave the Brutal the best coverage out of that league possible. So that's four photographers, at multiple points across the course (at least two each, if not three), which ends up with over 26,000 images online from the race. hmmm ! So the best value (if you don't spot it) - is to get the screen resolution collection for £19.99 - we have already seen some collections with 78 images in them sequencing them around the course - so some would say that's pretty good value.

Also very good logistics from the Brutal team for switching the parking to the hard standing across the road - better for everyone and despite a short walk back to the toilets and cars, easier to get a space and get changed afterwards.
More news and info down the page !

Call for entries and new galleries in 2014Race Entry links and gallery links for selected races:

JAN 2014
1st Wednesday - Serpentine NYD 10kGallery here -
5th Sun - Sussex XC Champs @BexhillGallery here -
18th Sat - G3#1 - GuildfordGallery here - free race gallery downloads
19th Sun - Fred Hughes 10milesGallery here -
25th Sat - SEAA XC Champs Parliament HillGallery here -
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FEB 2013
2nd Sun - Watford Half
2nd Sun - Ashford and District 10k
2nd Sun - ETL Bookham 10k
9th Sat - G3#2 - Guildfordfree race gallery downloads
9th Sun - Deal Half Marathon
15th Sat - Brutal - Windmill Hill
16th Sun - (Brighton Half Marathon)(we're not covering this one, but some of us are running in it !)
23rd Sun - Hampton Court Half Marathon
23rd Sun - Pewsey Terminator
MARCH 2014
Sat 1st - G3#3 - Guildfordfree race gallery downloads
Sat 1st and 2nd - The Nuts Challenge 
Sun 2nd - Berkhampstead Half Marathon
Sun 2nd - Steyning Stinger
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Sun 9th - Roding Valley Half Marathon
Sun 9th - Surrey Half Marathon
Sun 9th - Lydd Half Marathon
Sat 15th - Brutal Bordon
Sat 15th - F3 Dorney Half Marathon
Sun 16th - Colchester Half Marathon
Sun 16th - ETL Tempest 10 and Spitfire 20
Sun 16th - Cranleigh 15-21
Sun 23rd - Richmond 13.1 and 10k
Sun 23rd - Back 2 the Trenches #1
Sun 23rd - PP Water of Life Half Marathon
Sun 23rd - Brentwood Half Marathon (sold out)
Sun 30th - Warrior Run #1
Sun 30th - Paddock Wood Half Marathon
Sun 30th - BHF Bournemouth Half Marathon

more to follow...
New Website
Some of you may have seen that after 11 years it was time for an update to the website. Alas on a personal note it means the end of any reference to which is where we started this journey in 2003, and a full transition of all online websites to branding and look, so please have a quick check and let me know if you like what you see !
I'll be continuing to add details and information to it as we go and as things change, but essentially it's good to go at the moment, so there it is...

Brutal Windmill Hill 2014
beware canine help - or you can get dragged down - search on #46

Splashy as you like it !

true gent, let her walk on the dryer bit

resting after the tough hill climb

come back !!!

good running fun !

jumping for joy, its almost 9k !

fast finishing time for first place man #296

The "wedding party" made it all the way round, nobody drowned the MiL

A good job well done !

Brutals make you happy !

always check your drawstring...

over the top

Bridezilla on the run

how about  this for a team photo ?

Special feature slide into the water...

grin and bear it - all is good

The bridesmaid on the run

well, that's one way of crossing the canal and keeping your hat dry...

True Grit for the first lady back into the finish #337 for the win.

So very well done to everyone who go through the Brutal, they are not easy, so don't be fooled into them by your friends. That's race three of the mudstacle league done (, if you're interested we will see you again at the Nuts Challenge next month, and also Back 2 the Trenches at the end of Marsh. As ever - make sure your number is visible somehow from the front - we acknowledge this isn't always easy, and we're continually trying to figure out a good way of doing this.
A new innovation that we hadn't seen before was the front mesh pockets on the long running shorts - which are ok if the number doesn't end up too far around the side or when you're underwater. Food for thought. Perhaps Mesh pocket racing tops with them on the front ?...

Until next time, check out the race list above to see what else you might like. If you like cross country - try out the Pewsey Terminator next weekend ?


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