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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Chichester Triathlon and ETL Badger Half marathon 2014 now live

Its a quick update today with two races that took place this weekend, the Events to Live Badger Half, and the Natures Way Foods Chichester Triathlon.
Perfect weather for running and racing, although a bit hot towards the end of the day if you hadn't put some sunblock on...

Race logo Gallery page
Links to the race and event websites are on the gallery pages linked above

Wednesday evening is Summer 10k Evening - you did have a choice of two, but because the Phoenix Summer 10k is sold our - your event of choice is the RPAC Summer 10k - for entry on the day a lovely race starting in Reigate Park, and then going for a quick zoom around the country lanes to the west of Reigate. You simply won't get a better race in Surrey on Wednesday Evening. The Phoenix Summer 10k is down on the Hove Seafront - so you won't get a better race in Sussex on Wednesday Evening either !

and on Sunday 20th July...

Barcodes ! yes barcodes...

Sunday is the F3 Events Marlow Half Iron distance Triathlon which has 600 entries this year, where we will be starting to use pic2go barcodes so we can identify and index the race images faster - getting your galleries ready for you that bit quicker... So please make sure you have them on in the right place !

Make sure you put your Barcodes on in the right place - just like lego man here !!

At the same time the Raw Energy Pursuits race is organising their first Arundel Castle Triathlon. As ever they are covering the race photos as free downloads - but this time it gets even better - with the pic2go barcode system being used to its full potential - we will (internet connection permitting) be publishing race photos live to registered competitor's Facebook accounts during the race. If you know anyone racing there on sunday, and you know their race number too - then you can register here too...
or just keep an eye on their facebook feeds on Sunday morning and give them a big like whilst they are out on the course slogging themselves ragged !

We are going to try to get the barcodes onto as many race numbers as possible from now on - it will help us to delivery the galleries to you all faster, and also - means we can hopefully find you more sponsorship agreements to get the photos posted to your facebook pages even faster.
More news as it breaks over the next few this space...

Now.. Here's a little action from Sunday !
First up the Chichester Triathlon..
OK it's not a red carpet, but it will do, out of swim to T1

full speed through Funtington

Captain America is on his way

Tasting the pig sty fields, which were all about

Family high fives on the finish
Good teamwork

Correct finishing Arms !

Here's a selection from the almost legendary ETL Badger Half - if there was a race that you entered just to get the Tshirt - this is definitely one of them...

See that - a distinctive and practical Tshirt

Hot chilli

Martin models his tshirt correctly, and also demonstrates exactly how NOT to pin your number on if you ever want to see your race photos, ever. Ultrarunners please note ;-)

crazy, but fun...

Blowing kisses to the female photographers might get you better photos. might.

Claudia had a good run

Challenge him to an arm wrestle if the half isn't hard enough for you

Good finishing on the way in to win

Great High Fives at the finish - what race finish funnels are all about 

So that's your lot for today, please enjoy the galleries - and if you're competing on sunday, please make sure you put your pic2go barcodes on properly !
And - If you want to know more about pic2go and you're a possible sponsor - then please get in touch -

Until next time,

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