Friday 18 July 2014

RPAC and Phoenix Summer 10k 2014 Race galleries now online

One of those quick updates today with this Wednesday Evening mid-week Summer 10k races, both in perfect conditions for an afternoons racing after work...

Race logo Gallery link

In other news - there's a handful of entries available on the morning for the REP Arundel Castle Triathlon - so if you're someone who likes to leave it late - get yourself over to their website RIGHT now to sort yourself out for a 5am wakeup call, mass start river swim, and a lovely ride and run around the Sussex Countryside.
And yes - This race is the first event in the UK to use the Pic2Go system to allow race photos to competitors facebook pages during the race. So if you know anyone taking part - get prepared to see their facebook feed on Sunday morning...

And here's a few shots from Wednesday evenings two races...

First up the RPAC summer 10k...

It's boring out front. Well ok its probably not.

Dave is back, where have you been ?

double thumbs up

happy days

running in strongly at the finish

BHR go north to Reigate

good team work

slow motion finishing for added cheering effects...

All off strongly at Hove for the Phoenix 10k

past the pretty beach huts

All smiles with the wind behind on the return leg after the joys of the power station


Ben Tickner - 30:05 - is quite sharp really

Racing for the line

Everyone is allowed the winning arm

Double thumbing from the Fit Bitch (no seriously, that is their training group name)

Ouchy ankle. Be careful out there everyone.

 Right, that's it until the weekend. If you're at either the F3 Marlow Half Ironman, or the REP Arundel Castle Triathlon - remember to put your barcodes on in the right place - just like crash-test lego man thank you !!

Have a good weekend, don't get caught in the rainstorms if you can help it and have a great race on Sunday whatever you're doing, and don't get sunburnt or dehydrated !!

until next time

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