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Thursday, 4 December 2014

December ahead 2014, brace yourselves

Well you'll be pleased to know that since we are not owned by an american group company (aka Walmart (Asda), or Amazon) so we have not given into the rampant consumerist based ploy to get you to buy things you don't want by discounting them to prices where we make a loss and fighting breaks out in the aisles.

This is as close as we get to Black Friday fighting:
"Excuse me Sy that's my TV" said Midge on the way to the Black Friday Sales. Allegedly.
Yes, you may have guessed we had a weekend off last weekend (first one since January actually) - we didn't cover the Jigsaw run in the end, and the Crowborough 10k apparently went off very well with a turn out of almost 400 people for the two lapped hard hilly course - Kevin Rojas covered the course in 33 minutes - which is sharp work. A very high turn out of club members looking at the results - also good to see Cynthia Dee (Henfield Joggers) back and out at the races.

Call for Entries
So you probably need to be prepared for the Next weekend by getting your race entry sorted out to either of these races:
The Hogs Back Road Race
The Seaford Striders Mince Pie 10: - sorry race full

Santa gets the training miles in before the big night
and if you're not doing those, then once you have decided on your route and done your long run for the weekend, get back here and check out some of our more popular galleries from the last few weeks and make sure you've got your photos from these before they get archived:

Sometimes things need a little helping hand to keep up.

Office lunchtime runs anyone ?
Here in the office we have started a 12:30 5k (ish) pre-lunch run and we're putting them onto
If you record your training and races on there - please join our group - we're all in it for a bit of mutual encouragement and inclusion use this link :
or search for the Sussex Sport Photography club.

I for one would sure like a bit of encouragement to get my lardy self back into some sort of action - especially as things are a bit quieter for us over December to January. I promise to give out as much encouragement as I can do too !

For my part I'm trying to discover how to run at a training pace that doesn't involve near total collapse at the end, sprinting about that triggers off my AF, or being too tired to do an afternoons work afterwards.
This is a skill I'm not in possession of at the moment, so will be taking it steady before hacking about at 7:30 mile-ing. I certainly need to build up the endurance at a steady 9m to 10m pace for a fair while first, and keep the motivation up even in the cold and wet weather that's going to come in soon...
The other aim of the lunchtime runs is to get some daylight in our eyes. It's easy to end up cooped up in the office from 8 to 8 every day, (or 9am to 1am) surfacing for kid school pick up and a bite to eat - and lets face it - that's not healthy. Hopefully this will get us through to March without that winter blues feeling I so regularly get.
So join us over there and get giving and receiving some kudos !

Last chance to get your blog votes in !
Yes, the end of first round voting is getting close - so please register and give us a vote here (it's alphabetical, so we're near the bottom) 
listed as Sussex Sport Photography.
And then please make sure you get your vote registered for your favourite races as well... obviously one that we cover too ;-)

Included in the race lists are 10ks, Half Marathons and Marathons, although some of you will be surprised to learn that the Brutal races are in the Fun Run category !!???!?!  I suppose that is technically correct as they don't have any man made obstacles ? The nice thing is that means it doesn't clash with any other races we cover, so we can vote for that one without guilt of denying anyone else we know a go !
So make sure you get your Half Marathon and Marathon votes in as well ok !

Just some of the team that help bring you the images from races through the year

So, now it's past the beginning of December I will sign off with the "don't forget to get" something memorable for your family, friend, or best half. If you're unsure about them liking a photo, just check if they have one with a watermark across it on their Facebook page, or pinned up on their desk at work. Take a note of it, and then throw or delete the offending stolen watermarked item, and help them to get a proper copy as you know they like it enough to break the law, so it's an easy choice as a Christmas present stocking filler, and compared to most things this Christmas - very cost effective !!

So I'll leave you with that thought,  and get ready for the weekend.
See you on Strava, until next time


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