Tuesday 9 December 2014

Hogs Back and Mince Pie 10 2014 galleries now live

The really bad rain that was forecast for Sunday after that fantastic (but cold saturday) didn't turn up, so it was a bit of a shower at The Hogs Back and nothing more than a few drops of rain at the Mince Pie 10 over at Peacehaven on the coast. Also it warmed up quite nicely from the frost, so it was perfect weather for running and by the end - the sun was blazing through a clear sky.

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The Seaford Striders Mince Pie 10

The Hogs Back Road Race

A good turnout of fancy dress at the Mince Pie 10 miles, making it the furthest anyone I've seen run for a single mince pie and a medal ! It was also nice to see the end of the water works for the past four years and the return of the course to it's original route with the lack of the large metal boundary fences getting in the way as they used to. 
Very well done to Geoff and all the Seaford Striders for the colossal effort in putting on the race - 81 marshals throughout the route !!

The Hogs Back race was also well attended again this year with 536 finishers along the 11.7km route. The strange distance is mitigated by the fact it is in the shape of a pig, and so was the medal this year. Perhaps they should rename the distance of 11.7km a "hog" ?

Call for Entries:
The RPAC Holly Run next Sunday 14th December in Reigate Park - XC races from 8yrs old up to seniors
The Brutal Longmoor - the day after Boxing day 27th December - Beat the flab !
The Serpentine 10k - New Years Day 11am post hangover cure

Over at Guildford it looked like this on Sunday morning:
Locals led the field out at the first point

Clapham chasers got chased a bit before the hill climb

Downhill though the village before back into the Loseley estate

All good to be back in at the finish

Meanwhile over on the Sussex Downs:

What gives you wings ?

Deer Kay getting out in the rein.

giving it full power in the last mile

the run back into the sun to the finish

A little Christmas Fairy 

Debbie brought her own sparkly snow with her

Santas Elfs smiling up the hills
Tomorrow (Tuesday) the Running Awards shortlisting from all the voting in the first round will be sorted out and we will find out if we are in the final 4 for blogs. Many thanks to the 294 of you who clicked through to vote and I hope managed to vote. I'm not sure it will be enough but it is much appreciated even if it isn't !!

Finally, come and join us over on Strava for your running training for some winter season training motivation and sharing http://bit.ly/SSP-Strava

Until next time, keep running

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