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Tuesday, 26 May 2015

F3 Royal Windsor Trail Run and REP Arundel Lido Triathlon 2015

Swimming in the Lido, sunny day, castle in the background. What more do you want ?

A great Bank Holidays racing on Sunday with two events on the calendar - perfect weather for a bit of exercise and once the sun made it up over the horizon, some very nice light for taking photos too.

Race Logo Gallery Link
Windsor Half Marathon 2015
REP Arundel Lido Tri 2015

REP Arundel Tri.
Personally I was over at the Arundel Tri, covering the fantastically organised Raw Energy Pursuits triathlon - with a sprint and standard tri going off from the Lido.
 It was all a bit early at 5:30am at the Lido car park. So early even the parking machines were not taking any money. Note for anyone from the Arun district council who might read this blog - please make it easy to take money off people ! The machines only started accepting payment at 6am apparently - with parking restrictions from 8am - but by then it was too late for most of the early starters as they were in the pool by then... why would you have a time control on the machines ? Saved me and a lot of other people a fiver for the day... please install (contactless) card payment and we will all be winners !! (who carries £5 in coins anyway?)

As you probably know by now, I'm no race reporter, and there are usually much better factual ones put onto the pages (as I write I'm waiting to see what gets on there - although there's a brief results report here ). I think we can excuse Mick if the doesn't get one done this time, as he is now 24hrs late on becoming a Daddy... who knows what's happening ??!!!

Just don't forget that the Worthing Tri in July is a European Champs Qualifier, so it will attract a lot of non-local entries - so get in fast before it fills up... (note to Mick - sort out the image size on there!). The 7am start means it's a veritable lie-in as well...

Royal Windsor Trail Runs
With three of the team over at Windsor, across the different run lengths, it might be a small but interesting point to note that two of the team took bikes to get around the course locations in time to maximise the coverage on the lovely riverside course. The third member of our team fortunately had a large lunch of food and water - as he turned into an impromptu feeding station and water stop. Not something that usually happens, but hopefully his good Samaritan actions helped people make it to the finish in good shape ! I've not heard from him since though, hopefully he didn't expire on the course from lack of water and food....
Another little experiment by Sally at the finish line - instead of the second remote camera next to her (as you may know we usually take pictures of people before the finish - otherwise we get shots of people walking after the line looking down playing with their watches instead of people running - which strangely are not as popular) she set the remote camera up looking at the finish arch. It's made for some great shots - so they should add a nice finishing touch to the overall collections for people.

So here's a few photos to whet your appetite..
It all gets quite busy for an early sunday morning before 7am...

Emergency Goggle fix

No fraternising in the pool between lengths. Not BTA approved you know, 2 minute penalty apparently.

All done in the pool and with a wave, off to the bike

Concentratey face - counting lengths for 3 hours is much much harder than you think

side by side up the pool made things competitive

overtaking with nowhere to go to avoid the head on bonk ?! Red cap only just made it...

all done and out for the bike

flags, crowd, castle, branding, and the sprint swim gets under way

the fast "O" face

tight position for maximum speed on the downhill

Pollen Checking during the ride

Super Maynard on his cross special

Over the bridge for the return in

Always good to give your supporters a quick wave and acknowledgement

Low 5 sorted out for the finish

Double thumbs from Steve after the quick sprint

Plenty of birds about enjoying the course

Happy winners smile

Mick serenades the crowd with his rendition of Taylor Swift's "Shake it off". Or was he announcing the worthing tri in July which is a European Qualifier race ? I get confused...

Meanwhile over in Windsor, the F3 team did a great job of getting people to run around the lovely river banks of the jubilee river...

Sandra zoomed past the Locks

in the race ? not in the race ? who knows ? he doesn't seem to know either. no number see.

Go go go... Must be hard to smile all the way around ?

technical photo point - see how the light reflects off 43 and illuminates 553's face. 43 must be using Daz...

Running along the river is medically* proven to make you happy. (* ok probably not the case, but I'll go with it).

calling 999, he surrenders

423 actually jumped around the entire course

classic photobombing

bridge, boats, water, what better way to run on a Sunday ?

Local team Purple Patch easing around the course

Hi 5's for Dad making it round

see, it's fun !

Raar !

Still jumping all the way round
wave your arms in the air like... Great finish !
Next weekend is a veritable hot bed of events. But not ones we will be at ! The FA cup on saturday for a spot of kickball, the Ironman 70.3 Hawaii for a spot of exhaustion, the ITU London Tri in Hyde Park (go and watch the Brownlees?) ,
There is the more local Hedgehog tri at Ardingly, but even that looks full ?
And there's a small run (300ish) at Petworth house on Saturday, again we're not there...and we're struggling to find anything around and about that's a 10k... so probably worth getting down to a parkrun on saturday for that benchmark time ?
We are - having a weekend off (first one since Christmas)

Otherwise I've scanned everywhere we check for races (and we check a lot of different places!) and there is literally nothing about to do running wise... must be because it is a 5 weekend month...and half term...

So, have a great week, make sure you get a run in today because it's going to be a stinker of rain on wednesday and thursday...

Until next time

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