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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Oxford Town and Gown 10k, Marlow 5, EG Tri, British Orienteering Champs, and Kellystore Cycle Ride 2015

Cyclists cutting through the fields of yellow on the Kelly's Ride (click to enlarge)
Yet another perfect day for running about and cycling across the countryside. Sunday had just enough sun to keep it warm, but just right to post some fast times on some great scenic courses.
Lots of people raising money for charity as well at the weekend at the Kellys Challengers cycle ride, and the Muscular Dystrophy Oxford Town and Gown 10k.

Race Logo Gallery Link

Here's some of the action from the weekend, don't forget we will see you at the Godalming 10k  and Bognor 10k next weekend (both are now sold out)

All off at the start of the Marlo5

Flying in with the RAF

True grit at the finish

The exit from the park at the head of the race

For the win for Maidenhead

Relief at the end for the win - also from Maidenhead 

Meanwhile - not too far away near Farnham at the Kelly's Challengers Cycle Ride, we used the pic2go system to get images from the event out to the riders personal Facebook folders - during the ride !

Over 50% of the images we're uploaded and distributed before the end of the event. For those of you interested - the images on Facebook have had over 56,613 impressions, 197 comments and 885 likes in the last two days - hopefully encouraging plenty more people to sign up for next years event and getting the Challengers events the publicity they most definitely deserve.

You can see the special pic2go barcodes on the helmets and bikeplates below - they worked wonderfully well on the day with over 7000 images and 394 riders identified automatically.

Pictures from this event straight to facebook can still be registered and delivered direct by using the sign up box on the gallery:

Three's a crowd ? 

Easy up that hill

very easy up the hill

ok, not so easy up the hill

Winning downhill

waving so fast her had is blurred

"Talk to the hand pedestrian" (actually I'm sure that's not what he said)

 EG Tri had a great run out over their challenging Sprint Tri course
Thumbs up on the bike course

Proper finishing attire and effort

suitable victory on beating the course

No Surrender

Hi fives from teammates

High fives from family

zooming on the bike

racing into T1

Tuff Fitty starts the search for a bike in transition

Joel had a good early ride to get to work on time

Riding tastes good

David makes a point, or two

Excellent teamwork

Meanwhile, in Oxford, there was a Town and Gown 10k on...

All go at the start

Christine Hamilton got the show under way

Good running for the main charity

Fast round the corners

It's easy when you're out front

more corner flying

talk to the hand pedestrian

Quite a good backdrop to run about in

enjoying the route

Run with friends for even more fun

It's held in Oxford

twosies in onesies

The junior race was tightly competed as well

Great prize giving and awards at the end

Enjoy the rest of May and try not to get wet this week - probably time to hit the gym for a bit...
Until next time,

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