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Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Badger Half, High Wycombe Half and 10k, and the RPAC Summer 10k 2015

Just as everyone starts to calm down after mid-summer and the end of exams it all starts to get busy with mid-week races. The weather has decided it doesn't know what it's up to at the moment, so "going equipped" is the order of the day for all events - hot, sunscreen, silly wide brimmed hat, waterproofs and rain coat. The car boot is 50% full of stuff I may or may not need at a moments notice... typical.

Last week we had the RPAC Summer 10k, a lovely race which always gets people out and about after the working day with a 7:30pm start, and this week coming on the 15th of July we have the sold out Phoenix 10k down on Hove lawns also at 7:30pm - this time with pic2go free photos...

Anyway - what about those gallery links:

Race and Logo Gallery Link

1 RPAC Summer 10k

2 High Wycombe Half and 10k

3 ETL Surrey Badger Half and Fun Run
Free downloads via Pic2Go sponsored by Run to live - with an exclusive online discount code for all your running kit -
and the normal gallery for prints and high res images:

For Wednesdays Brighton Phoenix 10k at 730pm there is also free image gallery - kindly Sponsored by The Friday Ad, and powered by Pic2Go - all you need is your runner number (which you may have had in the post by now) and register it on the gallery page here: .
If you know your friends of family numbers you can also register for those pictures too !
Images will be published as soon as possible direct to your Facebook account - saving you having to visit the gallery and search for your images the next day - they will just be given to you automatically - how fantastic is that ?
(NB - it is only fantastic if your barcode is visible , so don't go crumpling up your number, sticking pins in the barcode, folding it over, or putting it on a race belt (they don't work), or putting a belt over it, or generally mucking about with it - because if the computer can't see the barcode clearly in the image - it ain't going in!)

Also - as a general info and request - we are always looking for sponsors for the Pic2Go service - as I'm sure are runners and competitors ! - so if you are  a company that does advertise on facebook and want to try something a bit different that gets hundreds of thousands, if not millions of impressions and exposure for your brand - then please get in touch at

A few shots from the events...first up RPAC summer 10k

730pm, and just about light enough for sunnies, but not for long.

David in race recruitment mode for the Reigate Half
Ahh The THE enjoy a little run 
All is good, apart from the dark skies rolling in behind me
The Jacko legend rolls on
Running is fun, never deny it.
Look - Over here ! This is the way the course goes !
and to think they all looked so serious at the start. 

Meanwhile in High Wycombe on Sunday

"Why are you on a hill again ?"

Tommy's All OK thumbs up

Double thumbs because you're near the top of the hill, obvs.

Relief and joy

Trying to run away from the kids

Unicorn Leap. Just add Rainbow. (probably Would had been higher if it wasn't for the 2kg of headphones?)

Running in competitively with your friends

Running in supportively with your friends

And finally, as one photographer put it - Hunting Badgers a Denbies

Starting off from Denbies vineyard

If you're out front, you get a better sort of portrait

Hello Carolyn !

his hair doesn't change all the way around the course

See, exactly the same. Good t-shirt though.

probably too fast for the corner at that pace

Can't go wrong with a bit of support on what is a very hard course

Relief, and he didn't have to go up Box hill behind him this time - unlike on the 3 molehills later in the year

Job done, and nobody even noticed the rain
righty ho, that's it for this week, see you at the Brighton Phoenix 10k where we are all going for a curry afterwards at the Indiana, or somesuch luxury in Hove.

Until next time

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