Wednesday 22 July 2015

Phoenix 10k, Harry Hawkes 10mile, and F3 Events Half Ironman Middle distance Tri 2015

A multitude of races through the week and weekend with some lucky weather on the way.
The midweek Brighton Phoenix 10k had free live digital downloads provided via Pic2Go technology - a first for a race in Sussex, and perfect running conditions except for the humidity which took it's toll on a few pushing their pace.

Sunday saw the Harry Hawkes 10 mile and the F3 Events Marlow Half IronMan Triathlon - both with slightly soggy overnight rain but brightening up perfectly for the races themselves.

This is where the galleries are:

Race Logo Gallery Link
Brighton Phoenix 10k 2015
Free photos via Pic2Go available on the gallery page, otherwise you can order them as normal:
Harry Hawkes 10mile Classic
F3 Events Marlow Half Ironman Middle Distance Triathlon

Please make sure you read the search instructions - 'sss' for unidentified swim exit images, and let us know any corrections so that they can be included in your collections.

The Brighton Phoenix 10k - took part on Hove Lawns last wednesday evening - perfect summer sun and warmth and a tail wind on the way back (possibly a bit warm for some). With Pic2Go being used by participants to get their images direct to facebook - the images were seen over 124,000 times on facebook - and with over 2550 likes and 358 comments to date it looks like it was a very well received and popular service to bring to the race.
If you used the service and liked it - please let us know - it's always good to get feedback !

All go on the Gun in perfect summer conditions

That concentration into the distance look at the start

The view from the front near Hove Tennis Lawns

It's all quite good fun really

Tom made a good showing 

The new i360 goes up in the background at the finish

Finn takes first place

It's not always that painful

I wonder what she had seen ?

Fast run in with the wind behind

if you do cross over to high-5 your kids, mind the poor runner overtaking you that you might have to reach across...
Meanwhile on Sunday at the Harry Hawkes 10 mile classic:

Steady Start for the run up to Kingston, Hampton and back

All going well along the riverbank with double thumbs up

well ahead of the rest of the field behind

another double thumbs up means all is ok

Pushing into the finish

Always good to bring some Pride to a race

Getting overtaken in his blind spot at the finish...

Great teamwork

Jayne drags another victim to their end
 Meanwhile in Marlow...
Big splashes from the off

The Synchro quad gets into their stroke

Interesting stroke recovery...

Need a smaller watch

DOh ! Forgot to get hand marking

see - no hand marking

Swim finished, all is ok

Down the hill into the sun


Keeping it running into T2

found something extra at the finish

The joy of finishing

Time for walkies please, surely one more lap is ok ?

Always good to finish with friends

kicking it out on the course on the way back in

Can't look up, concentrating, will a wave do ?

over the bridge of sighs

All smiles on lap 1

By lap 3 it had started to take it's toll

Can't be too bad with double thumbs up and a lovely backdrop

This weekend coming up has the Oxfam trailwalker along the Southdowns way to finish at Brighton race course, the European Qualifiers at the Worthing Triathlon with Raw Energy Pursuits, and the Purple Patch Down Tow Up Flow half marathon is the only race of the weekend that is taking entries on the day - all other races are now closed.

Don't get wet on Friday and have a good time at the weekend wherever you are, remember it's schools out for summer - so it's bound to be a busy one...

until next time

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