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Friday, 9 October 2015

Brutal10 Woolmer and it's at Newland's Corner October 2015

Urgent Event news update: Brutal Woolmer - location change
It's most unusual to post an update like this (i.e. never been done before) - but when this sort of things happen you want to let people know as soon as possible - so, it's one of those things about playing on MOD training grounds - sometimes the MOD wants to train on them !
So Brutal Woolmer is no more, long live Brutal Newlands Corner !!! (Newlands Corner is here - next to Guildford and easy from the A3)

Yes, that's right - a last minute/24hrs of change of location and the Brutal team have been working non-stop to re-plan and re-organise the race.

Go to the Brutal Website and Facebook pages for more info and to ask questions !

Everyone with an entry will have already received an email for the Brutal team to sort out what they want to do - run it, swap it, refund it (heavens no!) and hopefully they will all want to come and show some of that legendary Brutal Support !

Entries on the day
Despite the change of location - there are still entries on the day - just go here - fill-in and print off the paperwork and take it with you for a fast and easy check in tomorrow - don't forget your £20 !

And this is what some of the course might look like... the hills will be Brutal !

All these shots were taken around Newlands Corner in the past years - so you get a feel for what you need to prepare for....
race starts up at newlands corner

undulating hills

Easy peasy

anyone can do running on hills

This is approximately how good at running we all think we look like...

see those undulating Newlands corner hills behind them...

hills. hills. hills...

running downhill is easy

You can even taste the hills if you want to ?

This is your Brutal Race Director checking the course a few years ago... byeee

And here's a shout out to all those lovely people who ran the Ealing Half Marathon a few weeks ago -
don't forget to get your race photos as proof of what you achieved (before that fades into the oblivion of daily life) - and then get your entry in for next year !!!

So see you all at Newlands Corner tomorrow, about 9:30 for a 10am start - but get there earlier if you are entering on the day !!!

until next time, and apologies for the one-off !
See you there

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