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Friday, 15 January 2016

Next Months Race Planning and Discount Codes Jan 2016

Denbies 10 Last time was actually in October 2014 - so it will sort of look like this, but whiter and colder.

January - and end of week two of the new world order.

It's the end of the week, and being half way through January some of you will be starting to see pay day soon, clear out Christmas and start entering those races for the month ahead. Get on it !
It's got a bit colder and icier too, so I hope you're all being careful out there as well as putting the high viz tabards on at night.
Last night I saw one of the newer full reflective jackets out on the road - it was very very good, although the runner didn't have anything reflective on their legs, so it did look a bit like a beheaded torso flailing about in the hedgerow, which wasn't at all unnerving as I drove past. They were not there this morning, so I can only assume they were not in the dark hedgerow for too long.

I also hope you are all managing to stick to your diets and new routines, I've made it off the couch into the prone position on the sofa a few times, and will now attempt a few sit-ups and squats. I'm not promising anything much at the moment. I also managed 500m on the rowing machine but forgot to breath, so the recovery was shall we say - interesting ? Weight - still the same, but I feel so much better already.

Future Planning
The last blog post had all the half marathons for the next four months and I'd urge you to check that out if you are on a half marathon hunt

2XU Surrey Half Marathon
Included in there was the 20% discount offer for the 2016 2XU Surrey Half Marathon - use the code - SSP20
Just go here to enter: 
This offer code runs out at the end of the month, so ringfence your payday to enter it as soon as you can before the offer expires. The discount codes go in at the bottom of the entry page.

Please do use the code, because I'm sure if this test works out we will be able to get all sorts of discount codes for our loyal followers for other races - but y'know if it's not worth us getting them for you, we can just leave it ! (and this is the very best discount out there for this race - we work hard for you !!! so don't let us down)

It's the Brutal Men's and Women's only in a few weeks time

Next Events
Here's the list of up and coming events - as you can see I've tweaked my database output to give the website address so you can go straight there. Happy Days !!

This Sunday is the ever popular Denbies 10 - entries are available on the day - and it's going to be a beautifully dry (if chilly) day with great views up on the North Downs. As the name suggest - it goes out from Denbies, which is in Dorking - full info on the website.

Also - if you are going to go to Donnington for the National XC champs, please don't book a hotel up there on the friday night yet, mainly because there are not many hotels near there and I've not booked mine yet. Thank  you.

Date Event name Event type Entry Website
Sun-17/01/2016 ETL Denbies10 10m
Sat-23/01/2016 Brutal Women Only 10k
Sun-24/01/2016 Brutal Men only XC - challenge
Sun-24/01/2016 Fred Hughes 10 10m
Sun-07/02/2016 Watford Half half marathon
Sun-07/02/2016 ETL Bookham 10k XC
Sat-13/02/2016 Brutal Bagshot XC - challenge
Sun-14/02/2016 Worthing Half Marathon half marathon
Sun-21/02/2016 Hampton Court Half Marathon half marathon
Sat-27/02/2016 National XC Champs XC
Sun-28/02/2016 Run The Streets - Kingston half marathon
Sat-05/03/2016 The Nuts Challenge XC - challenge

Have a good weekend, I'll be watching the return to Ballet and cheer-leading lessons for my two small-uns and potentially working up a sweat in the quest for fitness too.
Might even do a parkrun, but it's getting a bit crowded these days with record turnouts, must be popular. I assume most of you know about these, but click on this link if you don't - you never know you might enjoy them !

Until next time,


p.s. will someone please answer my one question survey - it's been a week and I've had literally 3 responses - which is depressing - so lift me up and tick a box here:
Thank you !!

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