Tuesday 26 January 2016

Fred Hughes Brutals Denbies - and other things in January 2016

It's back to normal after Christmas for the weekends now that we are all back to school, work and our usual weekday progress. Welcome back, you've been missed from the office admin !

Things have warmed up about 15 degC since the snow last weekend at the Denbies 10 

This weekend saw the madness that is having two Brutal runs, separated from each other by a single chromosome. Meanwhile at St.Albans was the Fred Hughes 10, which was the perfect training distance for those looking towards half marathons and Marathons in the March time. (and thankfully it had all warmed up a little from last weekend - I bet you had already forgotten the snow ?!)
All these galleries are live on the interweb for you now - just click on the links in the table below.

Talking of which - this is the last call for using the (January only) SSP20 discount code to get your place at the 2XU Surrey Half Marathon on March 13th - just use it when you enter here:  http://bit.ly/Surrey-Half-Marathon-entry
Now you've had your paypackets for January, get yourself entered with the spare change ! (plus it's a pretty good race - great route and closed roads are a bit of a rarity outside of the big cities).

Race Galleries
Galleries and Links are below from the last few weekends events - and also links to future races - as you can see - we're straight into Half Marathon Season in February - here's hoping the conditions hold steady and get your entries in for these great races:

Date Event Name Event type Gallery Linkn Event Website
A week ago . . . .
Sun-17/01/2016 ETL Denbies10 10m http://bit.ly/ETL-Denbies-10-Gallery-2016 http://www.eventstolive.co.uk/events/information/denbies-10m
Last Weekend . . . .
Sat-23/01/2016 Brutal Women Only 10k http://bit.ly/Brutal-Women-Only-Gallery-2016 http://brutalrun.co.uk/race/women-only/
Sun-24/01/2016 Brutal Men Only XC - challenge http://bit.ly/Brutal-Men-Only-Gallery-2016 http://brutalrun.co.uk/race/men-only-24-january-2016/
Sun-24/01/2016 Fred Hughes 10 10m http://bit.ly/Fred-Hughes-10-Gallery-2016 http://www.stalbansstriders.com/index.php/racing/fred-hughes-10
Next Weekend . . . .
Sat-30/01/2016 SEAA XC XC http://bit.ly/SEAA-XC-Gallery-2016 http://seaa.org.uk/images/2015/2015-16_XC_Champs/entry_forms/Main_XC_Championships_2016.pdf
February . . . .
Sun-07/02/2016 ETL Bookham 10k XC http://bit.ly/Bookham-10k-Gallery-2016 http://www.eventstolive.co.uk/events/information/bookham-10k
Sun-07/02/2016 Watford Half half marathon http://bit.ly/Watford-Half-Gallery-2016 http://bit.ly/watford-half-entry
Sat-13/02/2016 Brutal Bagshot XC - challenge http://bit.ly/Brutal-Bagshot-Gallery-2016 http://www.brutalrun.co.uk/dates/bagshot/
Sun-14/02/2016 Worthing Half Marathon half marathon http://bit.ly/Worthing-Half-Marathon-Gallery-2016 http://bit.ly/worthing-half-2016
Sun-21/02/2016 Hampton Court Half Marathon half marathon http://bit.ly/Hampton-Court-Half-Gallery-2016 http://bit.ly/Hampton-Court-Half-Entry
Sat-27/02/2016 National XC Champs XC http://bit.ly/National-XC-Gallery-2016 http://www.englishcrosscountry.co.uk/
Sun-28/02/2016 Run The Streets - Kingston half marathon http://bit.ly/RunTheStreets-2015-Photos http://bit.ly/Kingston-Half
March . . . .
Sat-05/03/2016 The Nuts Challenge XC - challenge http://bit.ly/Winter-Nuts-Sat2016 http://www.thenutschallenge.co.uk/
Sun-06/03/2016 The Nuts Challenge XC - challenge http://bit.ly/Winter-Nuts-Sun2016 http://www.thenutschallenge.co.uk/
Sun-06/03/2016 Steyning Stinger marathon http://bit.ly/Steyning-Stinger-Gallery-2016 http://www.steyningac.co.uk/
Sun-06/03/2016 Berkhamsted Half Marathon half marathon http://bit.ly/Berkhamsted-Half-Gallery-2016 http://bit.ly/Berkhampstead-Half
Sat-12/03/2016 Surrey Schools XC Champs XC http://bit.ly/Surrey-Schools-AA-Primary-XC-Gallery-2016 http://www.ssaa.org.uk/
Sat-12/03/2016 Brutal Bordon XC - challenge http://bit.ly/Brutal-Bordon-Gallery-2016 http://www.brutalrun.co.uk/dates/bordon-heaths-23-february-2013/
Sun-13/03/2016 The Surrey Half Marathon half marathon http://bit.ly/Surrey-Half-Gallery-2016 http://bit.ly/Surrey-Half-Marathon-entry
Sun-13/03/2016 ETL Spitfire 20m http://bit.ly/ETL-Tempest-Spitfire-Gallery-2016 http://www.eventstolive.co.uk/events/information/spring-spitfire-20
Sun-13/03/2016 Colchester Half half marathon http://bit.ly/Colchester-Half-Gallery-2016 http://bit.ly/Colchester-Half

A quick thanks to Nina of Feel Hot Yoga sponsors of the Fred Hughes 10 who took a picture of me in the office on Sunday, and for the fun chat about business and all things work. It started to get busy at 58 minutes for the 10 mile finish, so this is where it ended and I had to start concentrating hard and keep my eyes on the work. Check out their website here if you're a Watford or St.Albans based person http://bit.ly/Feel-Hot-Yoga and have a niggle that needs a stretch or two.
I'm watching you ! Photo: Nina - Feel Hot Yoga
So, apart from it being a bit wet, (OK very wet up north) the cold snap has passed us by. Will it come back with a vengeance next month, no - it will probably wait until March and then freeze the country to it's core. You heard it here first.

So you forgot what one inch of snow was like ? Here's the crop of images from the last few events:

First up - Denbies 10 organised by Events to Live, another great race in tricky conditions organised by Nicky and the team based at the Denbies wine estate.
He knew he was being chased 

Good work on the junior fun run

Easy does it into the finish

Comfortable double thumbs up

Slightly happier double thumbs up

Totally ecstatic with gloves

Too Cold double thumbs up

Legal High
The Fred Hughes 10
Organised by St.Albans Striders - always sells out and had 737 finishers this year. Perfect conditions for fast running, which apart from the two hills makes for a nice flat course.
Flying up the first hill at 2miles

I think I surprised him

The meaning of life

All going well half way up the hill

Good lead bike work - got everyone around the course safely

Great team support at the finish

Trace gave no quarter into the finish

The race tents and support area with results

The view back over to the west down the hill

Strong running down the hill

clearly enjoying it too much

running well with team mates

Attacking the final climb back in at 9 miles

Double Double thumbs up !

The Tortoise makes it. (I think he should get a Hare hat for someone to run with him.)

Firstly on Saturday of the two Brutal races we had the Womens only, and then we had the Mens Only on the Sunday. I'm going to mix the two up here. Yet again a great race that everyone seemed to enjoy, without any broken legs like last year... and still a bit of ice for that extra shin-tingling experience.
Just remember - the women broke up and removed most of the Ice for the men...

Getting that Brutal Feeling going

Downed by the Dog. Again.

Even Captain America can't put a number on properly

This gets in just for the warning sign

Tough Mudder Finisher brings his experience to the Brutal yard. Finds shortcomings.

Dogs are not stupid.

Would you try to keep ahead of this back marker ?

Full leash power.

I'm told he feels the cold more these days

Dr. Evil I presume ?

The Dog asked for walkies to the pub and ended up here

Taking in the experience

Good to see the new Brutal Staff getting their initiation

All was going ok, however not yet reached any mud or water.

The smart dogs always go around the rim of the waters edge

Cue the Dawn French Sketch

Sympathy from your friends is all you really want sometimes

mind *that* step. Which step? that, oh, sorry did I distract you.

No need for packed lunches ! Toms Diner on hand. Try the currywurst next time.

Yes, they are thinking the same thing.

Try not to relax too early into the race.

Warm up boogies at registration

It's the new craze at dinner parties apparently.

yes, it's their fault.

Regeneration complete. I am now bigger than you and will tell you what to do.

Go on, get in the puddle and see if you like it...

Desperate attempts to claw back a place near the finish

You could tell it was all going to kick off from the very start

So that's it for this week, it's the south of england cross country championships next saturday at Parliament Hill. I note that there is a 90minute cut off for the Senior Mens 15km race this year. Theoretically that means everyone should finish before sunset !

Don't forget that the SSP20 discount code (runs out at the end of January) to get your place at the 2XU Surrey Half Marathon on March 13th - just use it when you enter here:  http://bit.ly/Surrey-Half-Marathon-entry

Enjoy the galleries, and don't forget to order yours before they get archived.

Until next time, keep warm and dry and enjoy your training

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