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Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Worthing Half and Brutal Bagshot 2016 now live

Well, that was the Valentines Weekend of 2016. First off was the Brutal Bagshot race - a tough hilly muddy wet run through the woods and the rain, and then the contrast of the inaugural Worthing Half Marathon in crisp and clear conditions on what must be the flattest possible course in the UK with fully closed roads around the town centre and seafront.

If anyone found any of these races romantic, very good luck to you, they both would have been bonding experiences but for very different reasons !

The start of the Canicross race at the Brutal 10
If you like a bit of strava race tracking - here's the Worthing Half Marathon with all the runners who registered and tracked their race
and here's the one from the Brutal Bagshot race:

The Start of the inaugural Worthing Half Marathon 2016
Race Gallery links here:
If you didn't have that good a valentines - get your new Tinder profile here:

Date This weekend Gallery Link
Sat-13/02/2016 Brutal Bagshot
Sun-14/02/2016 Worthing Half Marathon
. Last Weekend .
Sun-07/02/2016 Watford Half
Sun-07/02/2016 ETL Bookham 10k
. . .
. Next Races Race Website
Sun-21/02/2016 Hampton Court Half Marathon
Sat-27/02/2016 National XC Champs
Sun-28/02/2016 Run The Streets - Kingston
Sat-05/03/2016 The Nuts Challenge
Sun-06/03/2016 Steyning Stinger
Sun-06/03/2016 Berkhamsted Half Marathon
Sun-06/03/2016 The Nuts Challenge
Sat-12/03/2016 Surrey Schools XC Champs
Sat-12/03/2016 Brutal Bordon
Sun-13/03/2016 The Surrey Half Marathon
Sun-13/03/2016 Colchester Half
Sun-13/03/2016 ETL Spitfire
Sat-19/03/2016 Kelly's 10k Riverside Run
Sun-20/03/2016 Hastings Half Marathon
Sun-20/03/2016 Cranleigh 15-21
Sun-20/03/2016 Fleet Half Marathon
Sun-20/03/2016 B2TT
Sun-20/03/2016 Brentwood Half
Fri-25/03/2016 Folkestone 10
Sun-03/04/2016 Paddock Wood
Sun-03/04/2016 Richmond 13.1 Half
Sun-03/04/2016 Bournemouth Bay

Here's a short selection from the galleries this weekend, 
First up some shots from the Brutal at Bagshot - more water than usual due to the heavy rain all last week, a cold northerly wind and a drizzly rain all day

No Surrender !

Black Lab Power

Meet the challenge head on

You can try to swim if you want to

Ollie took the Jesus route

it's so easy really, what's the problem ?

Winner of the high jump award

Apparently the water was cold

thumbs up teamwork

A quick dry off

#4thewin #throughthemiddle

"I can't believe I'm still awake" after sorting out 5 triathlons in 5 days, Dave was starting to hallucinate

the joy of finishing

good to see the team getting stuck into the experience

chase the pig !!

Have it ! Race finished.

The next morning, with a pre-dawn wake up call, this is what happened in Worthing - big congratulations to Richard and his team, and the council on putting on such a complex road closed route so well - especially for the first time !

The view at one mile back to the pier from the start - almost 1500 runners on the hoof

Debbie was still enjoying it on the first turn into Grand Avenue

Jay was clearly surprised to make it back onto the seafront so quickly

very good run, he had to hold his head up the whole way, or was it a Dark Side Force Choke ?

This chap was seen moments earlier "waving" at the fancy dress dog

I think he found her lack of faith disturbing. Or the Harry Potter scarf ?

If you're not going to enter a race, don't put a wrong number on and fold the edges to hide the wrong sponsors, and don't put a number on with the wrong number font either. It's just rude.

If you do enter the race, don't use an elastic "tri" belt - they just don't work. Just Pin it (or clip it) in four corners to the front of your top. Loads of pictures of this chap - no idea what his race number was, permanently flapped up.

Being this far away at Goring and it was time for a spot of valentines chat

Valentines kiss anyone ?

The Lynx Effect was primed and ready

Top tip - most people tend to nod their heads down when they raise their arms. Don't.

Belgrave man Peter put in a strong V60 performance 1:35:26

Ed nailed 1:45:00 gun time exactly - to plan - good work !

If you run with the flag, you'll get pushed by the flag - awesome 1:39:42 gun time and 1:38:36 chip. 

Correct arm technique for the win

He wasn't really hugging him, he was dragging him back whilst getting blocked ! Friends eh?

Good storming run into the finish

proper fist pump celebration !

Working the crowd

Working the Camera

Working the finish line - for the win in 1:08:43 by James Connor from the start gun

Happy Valentines Day xx
A few runners were clocked on camera on the way out and on the way back to Goring, but in what can only be described as "world record time". We have suggested a chip mat at the furthest point on the course for next year and a video camera...

There were a lot of Personal Bests at Worthing, the flat fast course, although it had a few turns through town - didn't seem to be overly difficult to negotiate. Make sure you get your shots for your archive - it's only the Inaugural race once !

Until next time - at Hampton Court - keep warm

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