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Wednesday, 8 June 2016

The Hurt and Dorking 10 2016 galleries now live

The Hurtwood claims another victim

A near perfect weekends weather for the running that took place - first up on Saturday was The Hurt -  in very humid conditions up the hills in the Hurtwood, but very nice and clear skies at the start finish field - perfect for recovering and discussing the finer points of the course with Rory and the rest of the AAT crew.

The first push on from the start as the field starts to spread at the Dorking 10

Sunday saw the Dorking 10, which is also the Surrey 10mile county champs race, for a quick lower loop race and a bit of a draggy return uphill to Dorking Rugby Club pitches where the finish is. 
For me it was extra special as we had the whole family out at the event and they all got stuck in with some cameras instead of not seeing them and having to pay for babysitting. It's only the sort of thing that can be done at such a friendly event without too many people about and a nice safe big field at the finish. See if you can spot their photos in your selections - any sales they make get paid to them just like any of our normal photographers - so help them out to become independent !! A really lovely event that sums up the social side of running, expertly organised by Sheena and her team once again.

Ok, she's left handed and left eyed
a more considered approach to the work

Facebook videos
You might have seen we tried a bit of putting videos up on Facebook (here ) from the Hurt and at Dorking, a bit of a new experiment which depends on the data connection available from our phones to get them up. We might also try some facebook live posts - although my phone app doesn't support it for some reason. Anyway - for those of you who can't make it to an event it might be something for you to enjoy of a weekend morning. I've found myself watching more videos on social media - as long as they are short, punchy and to the point - so we will see what we can do and the response - let us know if you like them ! Apologies if I sound a bit like Stampy in a few of them, I blame my kids Minecraft youtube viewing.

Set your likes
If you follow our facebook page - one thing I found out recently - and that applies for any FB pages you follow - you need to change the "liked" option on the page front page (  to "see first", not just "default". Otherwise good old facebook puts "default" pages so far down the pecking order it won't show you any page updates until your least favourite in-law has posted an update and nothing else is happening. They are also using it to try to make more money by getting pages to pay for "Boosting" the priority of their "default Liked". It's a simple work around if you have a few page groups you like to actually ensure FB shows you what you've asked to see by setting them to "see first" !

Discount corner - lots of clicks pm these - and I hope you're using those discounts !
Date Race Event link Special SSP Discount code
26-Jun-16 Harry Hawkes 10 SSP10HH
25-Sep-16 The Winchester Half Marathon SSP10
25-Sep-16 Royal Borough of Kingston Half Marathon SSP10RBK

List of past, present and future events
Date Event Gallery or Event Link
Wed-25/05/2016 Mundays 5k
Sun-29/05/2016 REP Arundel Tri - Free downloads
Sat-04/06/2016 The Hurt
Sun-05/06/2016 Dorking 10
Sun-12/06/2016 ETL Polesden Lacey
Sun-12/06/2016 Mid Sussex Tri - Free downloads
Sat-18/06/2016 Brutal Frith Hill
Sat-18/06/2016 REP Arun Swim - Free downloads
Sat-18/06/2016 Great Yorkshire Bike Ride
Sun-19/06/2016 Hampshire Hoppit
Sun-19/06/2016 Shrewsbury Half Marathon
Sat-25/06/2016 Leeds Castle Sprint Tri
Sun-26/06/2016 Leeds Castle Standard Tri
Sun-26/06/2016 REP Arundel Castle Triathlon
Sun-26/06/2016 Harry Hawkes 10
Sun-26/06/2016 Capital to Coast bike ride
Sun-03/07/2016 Chichester Tri
Sun-03/07/2016 Bewl 15
Sun-03/07/2016 PP Spire Bushy Run
Sun-10/07/2016 ETL Badger Half
Sun-10/07/2016 Wycombe 10K & Half Marathon
Sun-10/07/2016 Kelly's Summer Cycle
Wed-13/07/2016 RPAC Summer 10k
Sun-17/07/2016 REP Adur running and swim festival
Wed-20/07/2016 Wakehurst Willow 8k
Sat-23/07/2016 Trailwalker
Sun-24/07/2016 Trailwalker
Sun-24/07/2016 PP DTUF Half

It was a final chase up to the top of Holmwood Hill, and into the mist

Ruth and Hendo, fetchies forever

Rory the race director does his rounds up the steep hill in his 4x4

I literally have no idea what is going on here down this hill

All ok at the top

Looking dynamic around the corners

All looking smooth at the first ascent

Crazy running fun

and people wonder why I have knee pads - get low marshal photographer !

No Surrender

Strong work into the lap turning point for the 20k in the race HQ

On sunday over in Dorking...
On your toes to be at the pointy end of the race

Epsom - allowed out for the day

A good run by West4 harriers at the 4 mile mark

Wearing the correct race tshirt !

Double thumbs up from Carolyn

Pushing it hard to the finish

The long train of runners at 4 miles

Proper finish sprinting

good form into the finish line

So that's it for this weeks update, next weekend has two races on Sunday and then we get into the somewhat very busy end of June and into July rush before we all stop for the school holidays, so get things sorted out this weekend, don't get caught out in the thunderstorms and enjoy the training - and don't forget to join our Strava group

Until next time !

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