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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

All live - Cambridge Town and Gown 10k, 1066 Way to Battle, Parkinsons Spooky Sprint and Kellys XC Challenge 2016

The Start of the Spooky Sprint at Tonbridge - not a clown in sight !

It's been a busy one again this weekend with four events, two of which were free downloads and one of those was live during the event using Pic2Go to give participants their photos as fast as technologically possible. More about technology here

Only a total of 69,029 images fully catalogued and delivered online by Monday afternoon this time. We're very proud of our back office team that bring the hard work from the photographers to you as soon as possible in an easily searchable and full gallery - good work team ! (FYI if you're wondering how we do it - it's either barcodes or by hand - OCR isn't accurate enough nor fast enough - now there's a challenge to any interested programmers).

Here's the latest list of galleries - enjoy !

Date Event Name Gallery or Event link
This Weekend
Sat-15-10-2016 Parkinsons Spooky Sprint Tonbridge Free Downloads -
Sun-16-10-2016 Cambridge Town and Gown 10k
Sun-16-10-2016 Kelly's Cross Country Challenge Pic2Go and Free Downloads -
Sun-16-10-2016 1066 Way to Battle
Last Weekend
Sat-08-10-2016 Brutal PyeStock
Sun-09-10-2016 Herts 10k
Sun-09-10-2016 Chichester Half
Next Weekend
Sun-23-10-2016 Abingdon marathon
Sun-23-10-2016 PP Water of Life
Future Events in 2016
Sat-29-10-2016 Beachy Head
Sat-12-11-2016 Brutal Spider Hill
Sun-13-11-2016 PP Grand Union Half
Sun-20-11-2016 Brighton 10k
Sun-20-11-2016 ETL Molehills
Sun-04-12-2016 Seaford Mince Pie
Sun-04-12-2016 The Hogs Back

Pic2Go continues to go from strength to strength every week with more events showing an interest in providing participants with their race photos just as fast as the race results (if not before - during the race!). There's a new logo, and there are new and exciting developments in the pipeline too. If you're an event organiser and want to give your runners something more personal than a medal - then get in touch  It's more affordable than you think.
And if you're a runner or even a potential sponsor who wants something tangible and measurable to show for your investment in local running - tell your race organisers to get in touch soon !!

If the event organiser doesn't want to go the full way with pic2go, then a download gallery can be made for a race from as low as £1 per runner (subject to conditions) and we will be promoting these services much more into 2017 and beyond !

and now...
This weekends pictures !

The HFLC diet was going too well -

Glowing, even in daylight

The juniors were allowed a late daylight run

A great family fun run experience

A great family fun run experience

No Surrender

Good finishing

secretly they were dragging each other over the line

The Cambridge Town and Gown 10k
Always a bit of a trip down memory lane for me on this one - as I used to cycle across Midsummer Common every day to get to school, but it never used to rain this much !
Kings Parade, as the tourists part 

Flying along

Concentrating hard at the front

All going well so far

Always time for a double thumbs up

Surrendering only at 3k

Almost a Bolt at the finish

keeping a close eye on the race time clock

incoming back pats...

concentratey face

It's almost as if he's looking at the spot on the corner where I crashed my bike once aged 14 and understands the full horror of it. He won by the way.

Wave starts to ensure everyone fitted under the bridge later

look - no headphone wires !

All going very well

enjoying the riverside path

Kelly's Cross Country Challenge - using Pic2Go all the images were uploaded and out to the competitors during and immediately after the event !

Lead by Example

Plenty of Hugs

Take the lead if you have to

Leadership by doing, even if others don't approve

marshalling is exciting

Sometimes dogs can get their wires crossed

only two more laps to go

All going well 

a good run past the Losely house

The starting rush

Recording it for posterity, or the new company PR shoot

Happy to be finishing !!

And the first ever 1066 Way to Battle - celebrating the 950th anniversary of the Norman Invasion and the Battle of Hastings. The Route from Pevensey to Battle is roughly the same route the Normans took, but probably not so quickly.

There's a lot going on here, apart from a finger in the ear, there's a zombie head chasing them past a soldier caught short in a toilet that has blown down. Stunning shot.

Visualising what he was going to do when he got back to his desk on monday morning

Another normal day in Sussex

The race timers happily took 10 minutes off her time. No probs.

Running in genuine medieval footwear

The Super Reliable Mark from SportsSystems - they do loads of race related stuff 

I think this is the first time I've seen James smile when winning a race. (in over 12 years !)

Taking no prisioners

Recreating the Norman army's marching party atmosphere

Re-visioning how King Harold welcomed the Normans

Not a bad backdrop for a race.

Hannah was prepared for all eventualities

Out past the first castle, with Stuart leading the way on his Beachy Head warm up

They brought shortbows

"oooh that smarts a bit"

So a very well done to everyone who put on these fantastic events over the weekend, which was in difficult conditions overnight and early on the Sunday - it makes it very tough on everyone involved, especially the marshals and obviously rain direction limits which way we can point cameras in !

The ever ongoing survey of different things
Thank you to everyone who has completed the survey on the front of the gallery  There's only space for 9 more answers so get yours in soon if you want to, and thank you to the 14% who do get their images actually prefer to pay for their photos even if there are free images ! (all we need now is for 100% of people to want their photos...).
Also it's good to know that nobody wants to spend their time wading through unsearchable images taken by amateurs... but I won't thank the three people who tried to use the "other" answer as a search box for their race number - you literally can't believe how many people there are who don't read what is in front of them. Reading is a skill I suppose.

Unlicensed images
In the meantime, unlicensed image copying attempts have remained steady through Brexit at 11.78% of all site visitors - a massive number which significantly affects our business and our ability to employ staff and catalogue and make galleries usable and searchable. Don't kid yourself - "just one watermarked copy won't hurt" does hurt, every time ! (Just think of the photographers children who don't get any beans on toast because of it.)
Please don't do it (well I know you don't!) and if you see any images with our unlicensed watermark out in the wild (probably on facebook) making the world look messy, please don't hesitate in sending us a URL to where it's being used without our permission or license and we will deal with it from there anonymously, usually only drawing the websites administrator's notice to it, who should apply their terms and conditions. Do read Facebooks T&C's by the way, you'll be surprised what they can/will/have done over copyright licenses if you don't read it ! Section 5 refers -

2016 Archive
We're now moving into final phases of testing out our new gallery website by putting all of 2016's races so far onto it.
Whilst it isn't as shiny or amazing as it could be - it is very very quick, functional and effective for finding your race photos and seeing them as fast as possible. We don't think you particularly care for our portfolio of selected images - and you get the best-of here every week anyway.
So - check it out here - still using the temporary name - and see how it works for you and give us your feedback !

T-Shirt Competitons
Finally, recently on facebook on sundays after an event I've been running a Tshirt competition for people who can guess the number of photos taken at an event - so if you fancy a SSP tech tshirt, have a look at our facebook page on a Sunday afternoon and get involved...

Until next time

@uksportphoto on twitter too
@pic2goUK as well

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