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Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Clarendon, Basingstoke, Tonbridge Half and Reading O2O 10k 2016 Galleries now ready

The Basingstoke masses awaiting the race gallery to be made ready online
A very busy Sunday and consequent Monday of gallery cataloguing here in the SSP Office..
The team here was working through the night and into Monday to bring you these wonderful new galleries:
Sun-02-10-2016 Clarendon Marathon
Sun-02-10-2016 Basingstoke Half
Sun-02-10-2016 Tonbridge Half
Sun-02-10-2016 PP Reading O2O 10k

One member of staff pulled a 20hr day on Sunday to make sure everything was ready for the team on Monday morning (and then was there themselves!), and as a result of a full team in the office and also using the Pic2Go barcodes at Basingstoke - we managed to bring all these galleries ready at 5:30pm and over 91,000 fully catalogued images - saving you valuable image searching time ! (and yes - the search function is still free to use... but if we have to keep paying sunday overtime it might not be)

Don't forget Last weekends memorable new races:
Winchester Half Marathon

Royal Borough of Kingston Half Marathon
Here's a bit of the weekends action:

All ready and able to give out the numbers

Shoot for goal had the finish line and timing ready

Tom and Ravi were ready to do it all again

Lobster and Shark put in a good performance

Phillips the sponsors were getting all ready for the days running

All ready and warmed up - the Pacers started hunting down victims in packs

The Finish arch awaited

Toby put in a good burst to win

Strong womens winning time

And then his horse just disappeared

Here he was on his horse just a moment earlier

Race DIrectors corner - Penny of Fleet Half Marathon fame

The leader of the Phillips train

All looking good at the dipper
Hollie put in a good turn and is ready for next Saturdays Brutal

Top work for this fully kitted fireman run

A rapid chase into the finish

Richard was starting to wonder what else his new job was going to bring

Meanwhile some moments earlier in Reading at the 10k

out and a quick turn at the start

Looking smooth out on the water

I think Tim caught him by surprise

Crunch time !

He was just running away as fast as possible

Achievement done !

Get that memento photo out onto social media asap !

Around the route from Salisbury to Winchester - the Clarendon Marathon was born
All good over the river Test

The Hills were alive...

Good work from the Lion Heart

Top finishing with your friends

Top team finishing from Gosport

He'd just lost his motorbike

She put up with these two for at least another 20 yards

And finally in Tonbridge
Happy to Finish and see friends

what's better than a running juggler ? a Photobombed running juggler !!!

Enjoying the rolling hills

Top lead car out in front

All going well

Double thumbs up

I'm not sure this is quite a Bolt victory salute ?
Right that's it from me for tonight, it's 1am again and this needs to go to publication so you have your gallery links.
Please make sure you give your vote on the front page one click quiz here: because it will impact the way we approach 2017.

Until next time and well done (a list of next opportunities below !)

Coming up next week, and the week after that....really until the end of November.
Sat-08-10-2016 Brutal PyeStock
Sun-09-10-2016 Chichester Half
Sun-09-10-2016 Herts 10k
Sat-15-10-2016 Spooky Sprint Tonbridge
Sun-16-10-2016 Kelly's Cross Country Challenge
Sun-16-10-2016 Cambridge Town and Gown 10k
Sun-16-10-2016 1066 Way to Battle
Sun-23-10-2016 PP Water of Life
Sun-23-10-2016 Abingdon marathon
Sat-29-10-2016 Beachy Head
Sat-12-11-2016 Poppy Half
Sat-12-11-2016 Brutal Spider Hill
Sun-13-11-2016 PP Grand Union Half
Sun-20-11-2016 Brighton 10k
Sun-20-11-2016 ETL Molehills

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