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Tuesday, 8 November 2016

The Veteran Car Run 2016 - Gallery live

The 2016 London to Brighton Veteran Car run gallery is now live

The London to Brighton Veteran Car Run Gallery is now live and online here:

The Wellington Arch at Hyde Park Corner, glowing in the early morning sun
We now hold what we believe to be the most comprehensive online gallery of Veteran Cars available from over 13 years of coverage of the run - all fully searchable by car registration, VCR number on the day, and for 11 years - also the car type, driver and owner name. Click through to the gallery to see further links to previous years.
At some point soon we will be creating a master gallery that can be easily searched by all years, or just a specific year - updates on that another time...

The Annual journey into non-running pastimes on Sunday was a rare sunny affair, despite the autumnal drop in air temperature (it always gets cold around Bonfire night) the sun shone (rather too brightly at some points) onto the classic backdrop of urban London and the Sussex Countryside along the A23 route to Brighton.

The Sun Shone brightly onto the Houses of Parliament over Westminster bridge At 7:30am
Next weekend is a return to what we do more often with the Brutal Run on Saturday and the Purple Patch Grand Union Canal Half Marathon on Sunday - both with considerably more people to photograph in non-stop action !

In what was reminiscent of the triathlon season it was a 4:30am alarm call for some of the team to to get up to london ready for the dawn start at Hyde Park, and down past St. James Park, and over Westminster Bridge to the A23 and then southbound to Brighton.

Always good to see the family hobby - here's three generations taking part in the event
With numbers slightly down on last year completing run some 340 vehicles - only 2 less than last year, but continuing the Year on Year downward trend since 2010 when 505 finished, even in 2012 when there was torrential rain 454 managed to complete the challenge - proving that these cars are getting rarer and rarer as the years go by ( so worth taking a chance to see some of them whilst you still can.

I might have to raid the archives and do some spreadsheeting and see which cars we have seen the most over the years - and the total number of different vehicles that we have seen over the past 13 years - meanwhile here's the number of finishers that we have seen at Madeira drive each year

Finishers through the years :
2007: 350, 2008: 500, 2009: 420, 2010: 505, 2011: 433, 2012: 454, 2013: 364, 2014: 364, 2015: 342, 2016: 340

Chris Evans overtakes car #17 on his way up the one way system on Hammer Hill driving for Children In Need
This years run had several celebrities and you can search on the following vehicle numbers to see them - you won't always see them driving as people tend to swap about, or their vehicle doesn't make it all the way... They certainly all looked suitably wrapped up !

610 Eddie Jordan (then passenger in 611) 
615 Ken Bruce, (The red bus)
614 Christine Bleakley, (One of the cream and blue busses)
613 Chris Evans, (One of the cream and blue busses, along with Strictly guests)
398 Lindsey Russell (Blue Peter), 
415 Ross Brawn, 
62 Jodie Kidd (with Harrods)

Apologies if we always put out these celebrity images with rather bold watermarks across them, it is necessary in this digital age, for the more famous ones - next thing you know it's off somewhere else around the world without even a nod, and we would always prefer potential customers to actually talk to us first before using and printing them !
It's also young people having a drive and enjoying the fine conditions
Not seen this one before from the ward collection, a fantastic cooling system on the front for 1902 - a Gillet-Forest !? That car maker didn't last...

The route goes under the tree at Cuckfield 
Sometimes Passengers go first - and not all cars have four wheels. Motoring over 100 years ago was a risky social business...
Good to see Ken Bruce at the finish line near the Pier on Madeira Drive #BBCCIN

He had his Blue Peter Badge on as Lindsey Russell gave it a go
Always good to see RAC1 on the course - the car that first got us involved with the run - yes it's owned by The RAC !

Genevieve from the 1950's film about the run
Reaching the finish is an achievement not to be underestimated in 111 year old technology

So go and search The London to Brighton Veteran Car Run Gallery is now live and online here: 
You can use car type (fancy looking at old Mercedes ?) owner (know anyone with a car?) or by the car number. There's over 19,000 images across the entire run start to finish, all fully catalogued and ready for searching through ! 

Enjoy and until next time,

p.c. last weeks galleries are here if you missed them - try out our new (still in beta for layout) gallery here: 
Let me know what you think of the layout by the way... thank you.

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